Virtuo: The Digital Painting Tool That Will Free Your Creativity

As a digital artist, I am constantly looking for new ways to create graphical user interfaces that will possibly keep the user satisfied both visually as well as practically. However, sometimes the technology puts up limits for the freedom of creativity that leads to frustration and time being spent on things that usually wouldn’t even take half the time. But, with every day that passes, we get closer and closer to the technology that will have us creating with true artistic freedom. No longer will we be bound by the latency, accuracy or the strain of connectivity.

Virtuo Digital Tool Set is the the next generation paint pad. In the tool set you will find pretty much every tool that you have when painting with aquarelle or any other paint or painting technique. The tools mimic reality and focus on realistically portraying your paint strokes as well as the accuracy of them. It’s all done by sensors around the flat screen that serves as your canvas.

You can really tell that Yana Klimava spent quite a lot of time developing this tool. The detail is flawless, and I sure wouldn’t mind trying it out myself just to see what the feeling is when painting. The ultimate holy grail though would be to have a AMOLED epaper screen that truly gave the impression of being a real canvas. I am sure those days are not far from reality.