Want to See What Your Pets see?

Have you ever wondered what your furry little friend gets up to while you’re out of the room or at work? Well now you can find out with the Pet’s Eye View Camera.

Just clip the lightweight digital camera to your pet’s collar and you’ll be able to take up to 40 photos to document their shenanigans. The camera has an auto interval mode that can be set to snap pictures at 1, 5 or 15 minute intervals. At 640 x 480 resolution the quality isn’t too shabby either. All that’s left for you to do is hook up the camera to your PC or Mac and check out what sort of mischief Rover and Tiddles have been getting up to in your absence. Small and light enough for most cats and dogs (not too effective on goldfish who haven’t got anywhere to go anyway). The Pet’s Eye View Camera lets you explore the secret life of your pet.