Watch Trends We’re Bound To See More Of In 2018

You might feel like the humble wristwatch has met its end due to the fact that checking the time is as easy as glancing at your smartphone, laptop, or even your alarm clock! However, you’d be incredibly wrong. There’s never been a better time to wear a wristwatch, as the sheer amount of brands and styles is, quite simply, staggering to behold. However, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed (especially as someone interested in being a first-time watch owner) so we’re here to showcase some of the most exciting trends when it comes to wristwatches.

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At some point, you have to think: do I really need a watch with all the bells and whistles attached? In most cases, no. Models with a clean and simple watch face, thin hands, and no unnecessary extra dials are all the rage, most notably with brands like Daniel Wellington, Nomos, and MVMT. Some watch-lovers simply want a watch that looks beautiful, tells the time, is affordable, and nothing more.

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Smart Technology Trends

Longstanding companies such as Tag Heuer and Fossil have manufactured gorgeous analog watches for many years, but even they can see that the tide is turning. Smartwatches can track your heart rate, provide options like GPS and music streaming, and run on a rechargeable battery. Other watches? They can’t do any of that.

However, both the aforementioned companies have joined the race and produced a smartwatch that looks like a traditional mechanical watch, yet with the new benefits, everyone is expecting. Many other notable companies may well venture into the smartwatch territory, but the Apple Watch is undeniably the fan favorite. The sales are soaring and with Apple releasing a new model roughly once a year, it’s a tough smartwatch to beat.

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See-Through Watch Dial

Nicknamed the ‘skeleton’ style, see-through watches showcase all that is wonderful about mechanical watches. The intricate wheels and gears which make up a watch are glorious to look at, so why hide them behind a dial that’s not clear glass? The winner is a brand which is starting to make a name for itself regarding skeleton watches, but they’re not the only ones.

Tissot offers the brilliant T-Complication Squelette 43, but rival Swiss company Hublot is also producing skeleton watches under its Classic Fusion model, and boy, do these look great. True, they can cost more than other brands mentioned in this article, but if you check here first, you might as well find one at a better price.

Brand doing it best: Hublot

Unusual Colors

When you browse a watch store, you’ll come across a lot of black, brown or gray colors with regards to the dials and straps, and while these are perfectly fine, not every person suits these neutral colors… some want a bit of excitement! Swatch is certainly a leader in producing watches with a bit of pizzazz.

Hot pinks, dark reds, and brilliant blues are commonly seen on Swatch models, and the XX-rated and Around the Strap series, in particular, are full of neon colors and bold palette choices.

Brand doing it best: Swatch

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