Ways To Make Migration To The Cloud Secure

Cybersecurity has been a significant concern across the globe. As technology advances, so does the techniques which attackers use to steal data. We are in the digital era, and technological growth is being tremendously experienced. Data has become so vulnerable, not only to attackers but also to the forces of nature.

It is for this reason that businesses have decided to migrate to the cloud. Storing data in the cloud and conducting some of the business operations in the cloud has proved to be a more secure option. There is, however, a slight problem, that can be taken care of, of course.

Attackers have gone the extra mile to take advantage of the transition period to launch attacks. To be safe, you need to be careful during migration. Here are tips that will help you achieve secure movement to the cloud.

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1. Do Due Diligence

Most of the time, you will not be handling the cloud environment you will be using. Most businesses outsource this function to cloud service providers. It puts them at an advantage. By outsourcing, companies get to save on operational costs. Also, they let their IT functions to be handled by skilled professionals.

While this may have the mentioned pros, there is a setback. Your data is only safe if you are working with a reliable cloud service provider. It is why you need to work with cybersecurity firms like Cytelligence to help you establish the existing cybersecurity concerns. This way, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from your provider.

You should be looking at the security policies that the providers have in place. Your cloud service provider should have security procedures in place that ensures that your data is protected both during migration and while it stays in that infrastructure.

2. Encrypt Your Data

Businesses are always advised to encrypt their data when transferring it over a digital medium. Man in the middle attacks is a reality. If you don’t do the necessary, you are likely to be a victim. Encryption ensures that data is useless to the part that steals it.

Cloud service providers encrypt data when it lands in their hands. Encryption for data at rest is not enough. It is in more danger while in transit. Increase data security by encrypting it before migration.

3. Always Use Two-Factor Authentication

One of the most commonly used techniques for data protection is restricting access to it. This led to the birth of authentication before being allowed access to the data. Using passwords provides a layer of security to your data. It is, however, not enough. What happens if someone gets a single password? Attackers will effortlessly gain access to your data.

Two-Factor authentication makes things more complicated. Do not make things too smooth for the attackers. This type of authentication requires the person seeking access to provide a password and another factor to show proof of identity for access.

4. Migrate Your Data In Portions

Migrating everything at once is not the best idea. A phased migration is more secure. Categorize your data in order of priority. Start migrating the least sensitive data. This can be a test for the cloud environment, and it can tell you the bulk of data you should be migrating every phase.

If everything is okay, you can proceed with the rest of the data. By so doing, you will avoid technical issues that may weigh down security. Also, it prevents downtime, which interferes with the operations of your business, and consequently, your income.

Here are compliance requirements in different industries regarding how data should be held in the cloud. Non-compliance could implicate security and land you in legal issues. The cloud is a more secure option for data storage. However, it only works if done right. Encrypting your data is a critical and smart move.

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection to your data. Also, by working with a dependable cloud service provider, you can rest assured your information is in safe hands. The tips above are what you need to make your cloud storage transfer secure and prosperous. Getting professional assistance in cloud migration will help you gain insights into cloud matters you were not aware of.

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