How It Feels To Wear The Google Glass Glasses [Video]

With Apple losing its “cool” (according to Steve Wozniak) and Microsoft being considered “cool” again by young adults, where is Google on the scale? This behemoth of a company is constantly announcing new features and services, so maybe their status is just…to be the most dominating one of them all. Google+ didn’t manage to become the “cool” social networking service, but they might have a slight chance of mesmerizing the public with their Google Glass glasses.

We have heard about the mysterious Google Glass glasses for a while now. Supposedly they are something out of the ordinary, and something that will change how we do things. The question is whether or not the world will adopt them at the rate we have adopted the Internet, Internet search and even the smartphone. It’s always a dilemma knowing whether people will think it’s odd to walk around with a pair of glasses that enables a computer interface to be projected in front of your eyes. The Google Glass glasses might just become the next cell phone, if you know what I mean.

It took a while for the cell phone to become socially accepted. People felt weird walking around talking into a brick which they held up to their ears. Now we don’t even think about it, and it’s a part of life itself. Whether the Google Glass glasses will become the same, a part of life, we will have to wait and see. Judging from the ramped up advertising, it’s safe to say they do have some pull when it comes to appeal and coolness.

Maybe the “cool” is not over at Apple after all, or Microsoft for that matter. Maybe the “cool” is being developed over at Google in the form of these Google Glass glasses. One thing is for sure though, the ability to voice control important everyday features likes shooting video, snapping pictures and even messaging will become a whole lot easier with the Google Glass glasses’ interface. Let’s hear it from you guys, will you get a pair when they are finally released?

How It Feels To Wear The Google Glass Glasses