Weird Energy Sources That Could Make Free Energy [Infographic]

Usually when I write about “free energy” devices, I get a storm of comments saying there is no such thing as free energy. I agree that there is probably nothing free left in this world, especially energy. In order to produce energy, you almost always need to invest in something. But I will still stick to calling it free energy since some of the world’s most weird energy sources almost look to produce free energy seemingly with no effort at all.

I have written about quite a few weird energy devices throughout the years here at Bit Rebels. Some of them are already realized, and others are looking for funding in order to be optimized and finalized. One of those is the Infinity Cell, a smartphone case that with the help of kinetic energy recharges your smartphone when you shake it. There are of course other interesting concepts when it comes to “free energy.”

To get a better overview about what weird energy devices are out there, we would only have to consult a fresh infographic called 5 Weird Energy Sources, presented by Save On Energy (design by NowSourcing). Most of the energy sources mentioned here are already realized and are continuously optimized to make more of an impact.

In my opinion, one of the more interesting products on this list is the onE Puck smartphone charger. It works solely on hot and could heat sources. There are apparently 169.5 million coffee drinkers in the world and all of them drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee each day. If all of them put only one of their cups on the onE Puck, they would collectively generate a massive 847 megawatts of energy. That is something to write home about, don’t you think?

With new concepts being hatched and presented each day, I think it will only be a matter of time before we have a smartphone charger that is built into our smartphones, which will ensure a steady stream of power being charged to the smartphone battery itself. It doesn’t have to be a weird energy source to accomplish this, but the weirder it is the more impact it seems to make. So, as we start to embrace all of these weird energy sources, our mobility will get ever more optimized.

Save On Energy’s 5 Weird Energy Sources Infographic

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Header Image: [psdGraphics]