What Comes After Blu Ray & HD-DVD?

You might have jumped on the Blu Ray train by now, maybe not. DVD’s are a thing of the past soon and we are preparing our living rooms for the next ultra clear media presented to us. But, don’t get to comfortable with the new Blu Ray option. A new media is being prepared and researched as we write this. It’s yet not ready for production Sony and Maxwell says but the planned release for the 500gb disc is set to June, 2009 which is this month.

The new media is called HVD and stands for Holographic Versatile Disc and it’s being researched and developed by Philips, TDK, Panasonic, Optware, Sony and Mawell.

The final disc is estimated to be able to hold up to 6TB of data and will hold as much as 200 DVD’s worth of information on one single disc. When the release will be is yet up to Sony and Maxwell along with Philips, TDK, Panasonic and Optware. But, there’s no question Blu Ray will one day be a thing of the past just like Cassette and DVD’s.