What To Consider When Purchasing Gaming Speakers

Almost all gamers agree that the key to a great gaming experience not only lies in the beautiful graphics and high-resolution textures but also a booming surround sound that fills up the room. If you’re setting up a gaming room in your home, you must pay keen attention to the PC speakers you buy to get immersive quality.

There are various features to consider when searching for the appropriate gaming speakers. This post provides you with crucial tips that will enable you to make an informed decision.

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Speaker Setup

The right gaming speaker setup should be determined by the size of your room. If you reside in a confined apartment, there’s no need to go for a 5.1 speaker, especially when you have sensitive neighbors. A 2.1 stereo should work just fine for your space. You may not get the kind of surround that you had in mind, but it will be a great upgrade from the built-in speakers on your PC.

However, if you are dedicating a large room to gaming in your home, then you can make the most of it by going for a 5.1 speaker or higher. Be sure to space the different pieces strategically in the room for full audio perception. A powerful subwoofer will get you the booming sound you want but you can also get a soundbar if you want to reduce the clutter in the room.

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Get an audio system that is compatible with the PC you’re currently using. You might also want to consider speakers that can be paired with other smart devices apart from your PC to stretch their functionality beyond gaming. For example, there are times where you may want to play music from your tablet, television, or even smartphone.

Remember that not all PCs can handle a 5.1 set of speakers. If the computer’s motherboard supports a 5.1 setup, it should have a front cable that goes into the “line out” port, a rear cable into the rear out, as well as a subwoofer cable that connects to the subwoofer.

For greater compatibility, look for speakers that are both Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled.


Price is always an important indicator whenever you’re buying something. You have to make sure that the speakers you choose are within your budget so that you don’t end up spending more than you had planned. There are numerous gaming speakers you can buy for less than $100 that will give you the kind of quality you’re looking for.

But if you have more money to spend, then don’t restrict yourself to the number of features you want on your new gaming speaker system. One thing to note though, speakers are generally less future proof compared to other electronic products; there is always an upgraded version waiting to be launched in the future.

Sound Quality

In most cases, two channels-right and left-should do if you just want a leap from your computer’s built-in speakers. However, if you’re looking to shake the walls of your apartment with the sound, find an audio system with a great frequency range and one that can perceive low frequencies greatly.

Be sure to also check the power. The speaker’s wattage rating is directly proportional to the sound it can produce. If you’re planning to override the outside noise, then go for a higher-wattage speaker. Otherwise, if you are okay with the normal thumps, bangs, and orchestra playing in the background of your game, a 40-watt speaker should do!

To be on the safe side, you can try and get the store attendant to test the speakers for you to get a feel of the sound before you buy it. This ensures that you make a better decision that is not only informed by the features you see on paper.

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Extra Features

Various additional features on a speaker go a long way to enhance its practicality! You might assume that all speakers are the same once you’ve figured out the audio quality, but there are a few more things that should interest you when shopping for a speaker system.

For instance, audio controls usually vary from one set of speakers to the other. While all systems have volume, not all offer volume adjustment and this can greatly affect your gaming. Systems with subwoofers often offer bass adjustment whereas expensive models will usually offer bass, treble, and even fade adjustment.

Although not necessary, these controls provide you with a customized gaming experience. Another feature to watch out for is a remote control. This is a vital piece that saves you the trouble of having to walk up and down to the speakers every time you want to adjust the volume. Nevertheless, most remotes only control the volume and balance, so you won’t be able to stop or start a song. For gamers, this doesn’t matter.


In case you need to move houses from one neighborhood to another, you want to find a speaker system that can easily be dismantled and moved without suffering any damage. It helps to buy a portable audio system that will prove convenient even when you want to switch rooms for gaming.

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For a wholesome gaming experience, you can’t afford to overlook the quality of gaming speakers you buy. The above guide provides great insight into the kind of features that you should prioritize when searching for the ideal gaming speakers.

Don’t forget to consider them the next time you go shopping for an audio system.

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