What Grew In Popularity In 2021

There’s no doubt that the last couple of years have seen some massive changes in our daily lives, from what we eat to how we work. Because of this, it was difficult to predict what would be trending in 2021. So, let’s look back at 2021 and review what grew in popularity.

For starters, Bitcoin is about as popular now as it was when people first heard of it – and you can bet they’ll still be talking about Bitcoin in the future! VR has also continued to grow steadily in popularity.

Finally, with medical technology advancing so rapidly these days, a whole lot more people need a good medical insurance policy – and the market for this product is only expected to grow further over the next couple of years. We scoured our archives and found a list of 11 trends that grew in 2021. These include:

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The Cryptocurrency Rose In Value

2021 saw bitcoin’s value rise to massive heights. In March 2021, a single bitcoin was worth in excess of $60,000, which was the first time this high was reached and was more than double its value at the end of 2020.

Electric Cars Took Off (Not Literally)

Many entrepreneurs took advantage of the abundance of electric cars that came onto the market as car manufacturers raced to meet new government regulations on emissions. They turned them into everything from food trucks to mobile hotdog stands!

Online Gambling

Online gambling was a key area of growth in 2021. Record numbers of people played special games online, from the comfort of their own home on sites like Cafe Casino. Online gambling was no longer just for the casino players, but anyone interested in a quick bet on the horses could do it directly from their computer or mobile device.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality had made huge leaps across multiple industries and saw a massive rise in 2021. From movies to games – it didn’t matter – everyone was racing to create the next great VR experience.

Virtual reality took off thanks to rapid technological advancements and the continued obsession with social media use (Facebook and Instagram were hugely popular platforms in 2021). It was also a great way to relax, as VR headsets became more affordable through major retail outlets such as Walmart and Kmart.

3D Printing

This trend took off around 2020 and continued to grow in popularity throughout 2021. 3D printing allowed anyone with a 3D printer at home to become an entrepreneur by creating and selling customized items, including jewelry, toys, and even parts for cars.

Internet Of Things Was Everywhere

We saw a rise in smart appliances that made cooking easier. Your fridge could tell you what you had in your cupboards, so you didn’t have to run out to the supermarket as often. What’s more, they offered significant energy savings – because they knew when things were going out of date! It was also possible to program any connected appliance from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app.

Big Data

Big Data analytics was a major part of the data revolution that changed the way companies and governments worked. The flood of data they collected allowed them to optimize almost every aspect of their operations.

Cloud Storage And Virtual Servers

Cloud storage was now commonplace, with companies large and small taking advantage of the low-cost, easy-to-use cloud storage options available on the market in 2021. Cloud storage solutions were used by individuals as well as businesses, with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive becoming staples on computers everywhere. Virtual servers had become incredibly popular, too, with Amazon Web Services leading the way for individuals wanting to rent virtual servers for their home business needs.

Cellular Agriculture

When the potential of cellular agriculture became clear, there was a huge boom in entrepreneurial activity as people tried to become the first to create a viable end-product. 2021 saw the introduction of animal-based food products grown from cell cultures rather than directly from animals.

Virtual Assistants

By 2021, all major computer operating systems, including Mac and Linux, were fully integrated with virtual personal assistants. These virtual assistants could complete tasks such as ordering pizza to order a taxi for you. They were designed to change your life for the better by making mundane tasks easier and more accessible than ever before.

Space Tourism Started

Whilst the first space tourist took flight in 2001, it was in 2021 that the first commercial company launched a tourist into suborbital space. Looking back over 2021, it’s no surprise that many of these trends were already happening, but the future is never certain – so where else might you expect to see a lot of growth in the next few years?

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