What People Are Really Doing Online [Infographic]

It’s quite weird to think that just 20 years ago almost no one knew what the Internet was. It wasn’t widely spread back then. Well, the geeks knew what it was, so maybe it is kind of reckless to say that to you guys knowing that most of you probably did. However, it wasn’t common knowledge, and it sure wasn’t everyone who knew how to use it or even who even had access to it. Back then, it was like we didn’t need it. Today it’s a whole different story altogether. Some people can’t live without it, and most of today’s businesses have some or all of their products and services presented and available for purchase on the Internet. A meltdown, as you might understand, would probably mean the end for a lot of companies on stock markets around the world.

However, what are we REALLY doing online these days? Is it that much different from when the Internet was launched? I think you could say that. Even though I think search engines are still battling all the porn related words, the Internet infrastructure looks a lot different than what it used to look like. Today’s largest sites are of course technology based, and usually driven by the number of users they have.

Column Five and Flowtown got together (these awesome infographic teams continuously bust out great stuff) and created “What Are People Doing Online,” an infographic that lists all the reasons we even start up the old computer in the morning. Gone are those annoying “sound crunches” when logging onto the Internet, but the way we use it is still similar to what it used to be. We use it to share, to connect and to find information. I might even dare to say that the Internet itself is the largest infographic ever created. Now, if someone could just put it all together in an understandable micro format…

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What Are People Doing Online