What Separates One Online Coding Class From Another?

Modern parents jump at the opportunity to give their kids a competitive edge when it comes to their education and preparation for the job market. It’s understandable, as there’s pressure on kids to learn and parents to do their utmost.

In this context, many parents turn to coding classes for kids. But it can be difficult for parents who may not know anything about coding to separate one program’s quality from another.

Please keep reading for some helpful tips about what to look for in an online coding class.

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Professional Coding Languages

The best coding courses teach kids the coding languages that professionals rely on all the time. Some beginner coding classes teach drag-and-drop languages that give a basic sense of what coding is about, like Scratch, but won’t be applicable when working in the field.

You kids can learn to code at RP4K and they’ll know multiple languages the pros use, like Python, Java, C#, and C++. Kids may be young, but they aren’t too young to begin learning what real professionals know.

Class Should Be Fun

Yes, coding classes prepare your kids for the workforce, but that doesn’t mean they’re dry and boring. The best coding classes for kids are designed to be fun, as they are structured around teaching kids how to code their own video game.

Children love games, and the chance to make their own is a tangible reward they can understand. Just because a class gives kids helpful, practical knowledge doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, too! Look for a program where teachers from Computer Science backgrounds skew on the younger side, as these teachers also grew up playing video games and will relate better to children.

Low Teacher-To-Student Ratio

Every kid needs a teacher who can focus on them, and this is challenging when there are many students and the subject matter is new and complex. The best online coding classes have as few as four students per teacher, so the teacher-to-student ratio is always low, sessions are orderly, and students get the hands-on instruction they need.

Years Of Experience

The push for more emphasis on STEM skills is popular now, and new coding programs are opening all the time. Look for one with a decade or even two of experience, as they have their programs well organized and refined.

Coding programs aren’t just about imparting knowledge. Some programs that have been up and running for years have taught coding for longer than public schools have, and you’ll feel the difference when your child is in a program with this level of experience.

Who says kids can’t learn and have fun at the same time? No compromise is required when the classes teach them to make video games. Coding is a niche subject that can be intimidating to outsiders, so if you don’t know much about coding but want your kid to learn, just keep the above tips in mind.

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