What you can do with an IP Address

I wrote an article recently explaining how to hide your IP address to be a little bit safer on the Internet when you are surfing. I’d like to take that post a little bit further and explain to you what someone can do if they get your IP address. There are several other things they can do with it except these small, however illegal things. To start with, someone who’s managed to get your IP address can easily break in to your computer if you’re not sporting a good firewall on your system.

As explained in my previous article it’s really easy to find out where the person using this IP address is located. However, there is a flip side to this. If you have a firewall that saves and alerts you that it has caught a suspicious activity and has logged the IP address from the intruder. You can easily find out where this person trying to access your computer illegally is located. So it truly goes both ways.

However, the intruder might be continuously spoofing his IP address which will keep you running for shadows. However there are ways to simplify the tracing of these people. For example you can use something called “Email Trace” that will follow all the IP addresses down to the first one which probably will be the perpetrator himself. This way you can find out exactly where he or she is located, what time it is there and even the sometimes the street name.

So, just watch these, somewhat amateur, videos and learn how you can keep yourself on your guard a little bit better.