What’s in Store for 4G iPhone Coming in July 2010?

With the Google phone out, and more smartphones are improving on their products, rumors now are circulating that the iPhone will be releasing it’s 4G in 2010.  But what can we expect from Apple?   Here are some bits of information that I was able to pick up from around the web.

According to PC World, most consumers who are using the iPhone 3GS is its camera.  Here is what we are supposed to expect:

“A better camera with flash, improved battery life, tethering-capability, and a choice of carriers top iPhone users’ “wish list” of features for the next-generation Apple handset, expected later this year. Also on the list: multitasking, a faster processor, and a better desktop application for Windows.”– David Coursey PC Word.  Read more

Aside from the news abouve,  T-Mobile released information about selling the 4G iPhone starting July 4 2010. This info will be public 01/27/10.
4G iPhone : thinner, GPS accurate within 5 feet (currently 50-100 feet),  multitasking,  5 mp flash camera.  Qualcomm to supply chips, which means T-Mobile Service for data.  Watch the video for more details.

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