When a Kindle review goes wrong the right way

Alright, so I was set on putting more effort into learning more about the Kindle and what it was all about. I can honestly say that I haven’t spent enough energy or time in reading up on the new Kindle and the awesomeness it probably packs. In my attempt to find some nice reviews about it that were not done by the creators themselves I hit YouTube with full force doing searches left and right. Some just didn’t look right to me so I didn’t even bother pressing the play button on them. I continued searching until I after a little more than 5 minutes saw something that looked mighty interesting.

A review done by a user. There are PLENTY of such reviews on YouTube but this one caught my interest quite fast. It looked like a really good video capture and good quality is always nice to watch. Sound and picture wise.

So I started watching it trying to pass the information into the proper parts of my brain where I knew I could store them. The clip, lasting some 6 minutes and 30 seconds, was a great review…I am sure. Watching it gave me…just about nothing. The quality and the wealth of information was really nicely organized and the different locations were really…uh…distracting.

After watching it I can honestly say that I had no clue what the girl (Melissa Jenna Compagnucci) who was reviewing this amazing hardware had been talking about. How some people actually believe people will listen to their really nice review when they look like models and are tech fanatics like the rest of us geeks I will never understand. I feel kind of guilty when I say this as I feel as I should have been listening closer to what she was talking about instead of just watching her.

I am sure this must sound really weird and maybe I am odd in some way but it really put things in perspective. All of a sudden I understood that…I’m a geek!! I know, I should be ashamed. Sorry, but is it just me? LOL

Melissa’s Website: https://www.melissacompagnucci.com

Melissa Jenna on Twitter: @melissajenna

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MelissaJenna