When Garden Accessories Go Beyond Geeky!

I don’t have garden so I don’t have to cut the grass, cut the trees or maintain the odds and evens of a garden. So why am I writing about this you may ask? Well there is a simple answer to that really. It’s because I am a geek and I need to know everything. Also, how could you pass up an opportunity like this when it so gracefully flew passed your eyes when you were draining the Internet of useless yet interesting knowledge? Well as you are reading this article right now, you might have figured out that I just couldn’t pass it up.

If you find that garden labor is tough on you, or if you feel an exoskeleton is just not within your budget, then maybe this Tool Balancer could find its way into your “must-have” zone of interesting gadgets. It’s a silly looking pulley system that helps you balance, lift or handle any gardening tool (pretty much) that you find is too much of a struggle handling. I thought the remote control was the laziest invention ever, but I am rapidly starting to bend that thought towards this one.

I, of course, mean no disrespect towards the people that really need to use this¬†awesome tool due to some back injury, muscle disease or some other disabling factor. However, for regular people in good health, I just don’t get it. Are we rapidly becoming the citizens of the spaceship in that Disney movie WALL-E. Having said that, I am sure there are a bunch of moments when something like this would fit perfectly into the equation. Lifting stuff that you otherwise would get an injury lifting is probably best doing with this nifty backpack pulley. But with stuff you can lift, just get the exercise dangit! Pull me up Scotty! (I guess that one didn’t make the cut right?).