Where Google Is Making Money [Infographic]

We’re used to reading headlines about Google making more and more money, and that they are taking over the world one product at a time. It’s almost funny how much they create and let loose for free. So where is Google really making its money? I mean, can they actually make all that money from the advertising they host? There are of course a lot of questions surrounding this, but Google isn’t just making money from hosting advertising and so forth. They have a few products as well that they have made available to the public which actually cost money. However, what we are used to are all the nifty and useful Internet services and online software that pretty much everyone can use if you just sign up for a GMail account.

Advertising is, of course, the largest part of their revenue, at least as far as I know. I have a hard time thinking that Google is really making more money on anything else than they make from advertising. They make billions upon billions from advertising, and that number is continuously increasing. Most of their development is around advertising, and just because their services and software are free, that doesn’t mean they don’t make money from it.

As a matter of fact, they are thinking up new ways to add advertising to the free services we use on a daily basis. Where is the largest part of the money coming from when it comes to advertising? WordStream put some thought into this and researched the matter. Look at their infographic, and we will have the answer. As a matter of fact, 97% of Google’s revenue is from advertising, and the top revenue stream is from keyword “Insurance.” Shocker? Not so much, but it’s interesting to see that advertising is bringing in so much money. There certainly ain’t no shortage in people who want to advertise online if the website is right. Why? Because advertising online really works!

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Where Google Is Making Money