Why Have Sports Addicts Adopted The xFyro Wireless Headphone

Do you know that listening to music while doing high energy exercise like running can actually improve performance by a significant margin? Of course, it has been shown by science, and because of this, a lot of outstanding, high tech sports headphones have been made available by tech manufacturers.

With many of the tech giants of today jumping on the bandwagon of earphones determining which product is the best may be difficult. However, I found out lately that sports addicts who need music for a motivational boost are adopting the xFyro wireless headphone.

So, I asked myself, why have sports addicts adopted the xFyro wireless earbuds? Do they give the plush needed to go the extra mile? In case you are asking the same question here is what I found out.

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Build And Design

Looking at the design and build of the xFyro wireless earbuds for the first time, you will find it appealing. Unlike other Bluetooth earbuds that come with a bulbous build and look goofy, these wireless earbuds for running come with a sleek design that looks smart while plugged in your ears.

With the size, users won’t look ridiculous. I think people over at xFyro know how painful and uncomfortable people can be having heavy sports headphones in their ears, so they came up with lightweight wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

If you look beyond the sleek design, portable size, and lightweight, the xFyro sports headphones offer one of the most secure fits, due to the silicone ear tips that stay in the ear. The tips are comfortable, flexible, and grippy.

The best Bluetooth earbuds give a great seal and come with a 6.0 noise cancellation. Their decent noise isolating in-ear fit won’t allow noise to seep into your music easily.

Despite the seal, the xFyro is made to be safer for users who want to hit the road and still know what is going on in their environment but not to the extent that the user will be distracted. Of course, that’s more of a pro.

The durable build of the xFyro wireless in-ear headphones is another feature that makes sports addicts adopts them. Unlike many other sports headphones that are constructed from plastic, the xFyro wireless earbuds are constructed from aluminum.

This makes them more durable and last longer. Also, the true wireless earbuds come with IP67 certified waterproof and dust-proof technology. High-grade construction materials and the IP certification mean that these sports headphones can withstand most workouts, including running and swimming.

Additionally, the xFyro features a charging case that charges the Bluetooth earbuds and extends the time of use during workouts. We will discuss more on this later.


The battery life of the xFyro is why many sports addicts adopted the sports headphones. Most of the true wireless earbuds offer three to five hours of music time. But xFyro sports headphones shoulders ahead of the pack.

They provide a consistent six to eight hours of music and talk time. If you place the Bluetooth earbuds back in the case, you will get an additional 50 hours of battery life. It means longevity can’t be an issue. There are some interesting things about the charging case.

It gives 30 minutes of quick charge to the sports headphones. Additionally, the best Bluetooth earbuds charging case serves as a power bank that makes it possible for you to charge other devices like your smartphone.

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The xFyro comes with a V5.0 Bluetooth technology that makes them a breeze to pair, connect, and also reconnect almost immediately. Unlike other sports headphones that lose connection a few times every hour, the xFyro wireless headphones maintain a stable connection.

Another advantage of this wireless earbuds Bluetooth technology is that the radio frequency they emit is very little. This makes it safer to use for those worried about the negative impact earbuds can have on health.

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Sound Quality And Microphone

Strong sound for totally wireless earbuds is a feature that is difficult to find. However, the xFyro wireless headphone is among the better sounding truly wireless sports headphones.

I compared a handful of music tracks on the xFyro earbuds, and some other sports headphones like the Jabra Elite Active 65t and the AirPods. I found out that the xFyro wireless earbuds for running sounded a little better.

At first, listen, the highs are accurately detailed, and the lows are deep and rich. The same thing occurs at a more attentive listen. It’s obvious that the lows, mids, and highs are engineered to please athletes.

Additionally, these sports headphones come with an integrated microphone that separate background noise from the actual speech. It allows the person on the line with you to hear you clearly even on a windy day or in a noisy environment.

Take note that these wireless Bluetooth earbuds may not be the best for making calls, but they are far above average when compared to other best Bluetooth earbuds.

Cap Off

The most notable features of the xFyro wireless earbuds include exceptional battery life, ear tips that offer outstanding fit, and charging case that offers an additional 50 hours and charges other devices.

These and the ability to pipe in the outside world and get a more stable connection during workouts makes xFyro wireless headphones a sort-after portable audio device by sports addicts.

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