Real-Time Translation Earphones – Never Miss A Word Again

Have you ever been to dinner with a gorgeous French lady who you failed to impress because you couldn’t comprehend her sentences? How about a meeting with a foreign delegation where both parties smiled politely but had no clue what the other was saying? You may lose out on a lot of opportunities just because your worth gets lost in translation. However, the revolutionary Mymanu Clik real-time translation earphones are here to break down those language barriers that hold you back. This marvelous invention can translate a bunch of different languages in real time, if only you had heard of these earlier you would know whether the French lady wanted chocolate or was calling you fat!

[pullquote]Just pair this nifty wireless device with your smartphone and it will translate emails, texts, and audio clips for you instantly.[/pullquote] Not just a pluggable translator, this earpiece also whispers the reminders and notifications from your phone into your ears. Quite an inexpensive replacement for a personal secretary, isn’t it? If you still don’t think that these earphones are impressive, the lightweight wireless charger might change your mind. This is just what you need when you are traveling to exotic locations, a pocket size translator that can be charged on the go. Lo and behold, this wireless charging case can also charge your smartphone. Now we are truly amazed! The number of features you can pack into these earphones is virtualy limitless.

These translation earphones provide high-quality audio that you will need when you are out and about. As you wander through the noisy fish markets of Thailand or attend a music festival in Europe, you will still be able to hear the translation for “water” loud and clear. Need the directions to the restroom or the way to your hotel? Your handy assistant will make communication with the locals so easy that you will step out of your room with confidence. Priced at around $200, these real-time translation earphones are a small price to pay for the number of friends you will make, provided you don’t scare them away with your horrible social skills.

Suitable not just for one on one conversations but also for conference calls, these translation earphones will make your meetings go smoothly as long as your presentation is ready on time. Just share the passcode with the attendees and they can log in and select the language of their choice. This is the true meaning of a global village and a hi-tech one at that. With a capability of translating from 37 different languages, you will no longer spend hours playing charades with your colleagues. When you are tired of work, zone out and listen to some music with the help of this versatile device. The touch sensors offer hassle-free usage and you do not have to train your fingers to use yet another unfriendly touch pad.

Next time you manage to score a date with someone from a foreign land, you will definitely win them over with the live chat feature of these real-time translation earphones. If they still seem disinterested, then perhaps language has nothing to do with it, we blame it on your looks! For more great translation ideas click here.

Mymann Click – Real-Time Translation Earphones

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