Why The Future Is All About Wearable Technology

Science fiction is all about the gadgets; blasters, spaceships, time machines, flying cars, plasma this, and hyper that. Gadgets are where it’s at. Lately, though, science fact is moving so fast it’s catching up to tomorrow before it has a chance to get here. Inventions that 20 years ago would have seemed futuristic and bizarre are now blasé and ordinary.

Bluetooth headsets for smartphones were distinctly unsettling when they first came out. They’re so small as to be nearly invisible. People walking down the street talking on their Bluetooth phones looked like crazy people who’d escaped from the loony bin.

They looked like they were talking to thin air, carrying on a conversation with “the voices” that might be telling them to fly off the Empire State Building or something. But now, it’s so normal you don’t even notice it anymore.

In the midst of all that hurly-burly and lightning fast change it’s nice to know there is one thing that hasn’t changed; the way we work out and stay in shape. Eating right, lifting weights, running, and swimming is about as basic as you can get. No high tech gadgets needed there. Or, is there?

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Wearable Technology

Just as Bluetooth is wearable on your head, smartwatches are wearable on your wrist. They have sensors on the back to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, respiration, and more. They can run thousands of apps, with more coming out every day. If you stick in a SIM card, they turn into a telephone on your wrist. Dick Tracy, look out!

Smartgeekwrist.com has the low down on all the latest wearable gadgets you can strap to your wrists. These wearable computers – because that’s what they are – have Wi-Fi internet connectivity in them, built-in GPS, and any song you want to download and listen to on your , wait for it, Bluetooth headset.

Run Your Business

Imagine a day running your business with the assistance of your smartwatch. It might go something like this. The alarm clock on your watch wakes you in the morning. While you’re showering you can listen to the news because your watch is waterproof, letting you take it in the shower with you.

While you’re getting ready in front of the mirror and getting dressed, you remember some things you need to do today so you write them down your watch’s notepad app. After a quick breakfast, you call Uber on your watch to let them know you’re ready for your daily ride to the office.

By the time you get out of the house, they’re already waiting for you at the curb. On the way, your secretary calls on your watch to remind you of your 11 o’clock appointment. During the rest of the drive, you spend your time reading your email on your watch.

When you get to the office, your Uber driver has a no-touch payment terminal. You wave your watch across it and it automatically deducts the correct amount from your checking account. You wave goodbye to the driver and stroll over to Starbucks.

You’ve got a discount card stored on your watch. When you collect your coffee and wave your watch over their terminal, it automatically gives you your membership discount. A quick check on your fitness app tells you that you still need to walk another 5000 steps today to keep up your health.

With that in mind, you take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you reach your floor your watch informs you how much your heart rate is elevated and how many calories you burned. Once you’re in the office you active Slack on your watch, a business communications app that lets you stay in touch with others in the office.

You run some numbers on your watch’s calculator and realize that productivity is up. You use the camera on your watch to record a congratulatory video and send it out to everyone. The alarm on your watch reminds you of your 11 o’clock appointment so you use an app on your phone to find a restaurant to take your client to for the lunch meeting. It’s a big account so you want the best of the best, and what do you know, the app found one just three blocks away.

Science Fact

None of that was science fiction or fantasy. Every single bit of it is a scientific fact, already available and on the market. The future is here today and it’s wearable.

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