Will 3D User Interfaces Soon Take Over Our Mobile Devices?

To make it a three part article series (as I have written about three unique developments in the mobile user interface business), I have found something that most people will probably either drool over or just dismiss as too much for a mobile device. The truth is, as the processor gets ever more powerful, we get used to having more and more eye candy presented to us on our everyday mobile devices. I think we are probably heading towards something similar to what the guys over at The Astonishing Tribe have managed to dream up.

This time it is all about 3D. The presentations have long been heading towards this ultra realistic way of presenting statistics, locations and even the way we navigate on our devices. However, until now, the processing power of our gadgets have been limited, and thus we haven’t been able to fully incorporate this really cool way of displaying our gadget’s most important features.

That is exactly what the TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) group wants to change. With this quite unique user interface (all concept of course), they bring the way we visualize and use our devices to an entirely new level. I am one of those that will more than welcome this kind of UI, but that’s probably because I am heavily into 3D graphics and love pretty much every single software that I can use to produce them. The hard thing about introducing a new and daring user interface like this is to really make it user friendly and easy to navigate. Too much “junk” and the user will probably get lost and dismiss the entire idea. With a little bit of brainstorming, I am sure this hurdle will be nothing more than a little bump in the road. Are you for or against these kinds of user interfaces for your mobile devices?