Windows Watch | Not What You Think – It’s Cooler!

Pretty much every day we hear about some new gadget that has the Windows Mobile operating system. Even a few products that you wouldn’t think were using any operating system at all have the Windows Mobile in it. Believe me, it’s everywhere. However, I am sure all that is going to change now when Apple has proved that their OS is a lot faster and more stable. It is just a matter of time before we’ll see a truly magnificent change in the market shares I think. But, I wouldn’t exactly rule out some newcomer turning up right when things look solid and throw us all off guard. It will probably be some hacker genius in a garage, a’la Linus Torvalds, creating his own operating system. You never know.

So why do I say all this? Well, because of no other reason than to tell you that this watch has nothing to do with those operating systems. It’s totally free of it yet still has an appeal that is not going to wear off anytime soon.

The clock has a bunch of square windows that you can move around. Each square either represents the time or the place where in which it displays the local time at that particular place. This is no ordinary watch I can tell you. Hamilton Watches, the maker of the watch called “Time Player” actually sports the cool and futuristic design of another clock that was created way ahead of its time. They created a watch for the cult movie “2001: A Space Odyssey“.

So, next time you pull on this watch be aware and always know that you are wearing a piece of the future on your arm. To me, this time teller promotes huge inspiration and is quite sexy. I surely wouldn’t mind having one in my collection. Period!