Wine Glass Machines Are Perfect For The Bored Drunk

Mankind has always been fascinated with technology. The more intricate and advanced it becomes, the more impressed we get it seems. I remember when I was a kid, and I saw those “ships inside a bottle” art pieces. Like everyone else, I was struck by confusion trying to figure out how it was done. One day I was finally exposed to how those are put together and all of sudden all the magic was gone. Sometimes the magic is all in not knowing. When I see the wine glass machines that¬†Szymon Klimek creates, I am not so much struck by the magic as I am with the intricacies of his builds. They all fit inside a wine glass, and to me, they have no apparent function more than just being incredibly small and exciting to look at.

So far, Mr. Klimek has been able to put together 9 of these wine glass machines, and when he turns them on, you start wondering what they are for. Yeah, that was the very first thought that struck me. Then a certain kind of amazement showered over me, and I just kept staring at the video like I was expecting something more which never came. These wine glass machines are just intricate designs that tick away for no apparent reason other than to impress us with their advanced and miniature engineering.

By the looks of it, you can actually acquire one or more of these glasses if you feel the need to take a closer look at these mesmerizing creations. In time, I am absolutely sure these will become a popular collector’s gadget that maybe in a few decades or so will become quite valuable. There are plenty of other creations on Mr. Klimek’s website that are not just wine glass machines. I urge you to have a look at it, and see if you get even more impressed by the incredible engineering skills this man possesses. If not, then just sit there and stare as these wine glass machines tick away. It’s so relaxing in a way. It’s all so perfectly thought out and runs so smoothly. Yeah, enough of this. This could totally turn into a heavy time sink, but it deserves a “Wow!” nonetheless.

Szymon Klimek’s Wine Glass Machines



Via: [OhGizmo!]