World’s Coolest Nostalgic MP3 Player

Usually when things go out of style, geeks are really quick to retrofy them into new gadgets that we all can get some nostalgic memories from. They come in the form of stickers for iPhones, non-working items or just things that look and feel similar to what the original item used to express. However, there is an end to all things, especially technology as new technology of course takes over, and that’s something that all of us keep accepting. That retro feeling is definitely something that geeks want to revive every once in a while, and we’re doing pretty much anything we can to create that scenario.

So, it should really please you to find out that there is something that will pull you right into the 80s again. Remember the cassette? Yup, that plastic thing with those nerdy stickers on them on which you could write what was on the cassette. Cassettes were also used as data savers for the Commodore 64, and that’s where all my retro feel lies when it comes to Cassettes, but the main use of them was of course for music.

Now check this out! There is actually a really cool cassette imitation that will store your MP3 files and will serve as an MP3 player. Its features are totally awesome, and if it is a true gadget, this whole thing is definitely something you would want to pull out on the train or bus to work on. The geek factor of it is just off the scale, and what I like the most is the way you rewind and fast forward the songs. Just reach inside the “wheels” and turn it, just like you did with the original cassettes. It just doesn’t get more retro than that! Designers: Stefano Pertegato, Massimiliano Rampoldi, Eloisa Tolu, Francesco Schiraldi and Giovanni Mendini.

Retrofied Cassette MP3 Player Design