World’s First Mobile Phone Is From 1922

Yesterday was one of those days when I thought technology just couldn’t get any more awesome. I didn’t think that because I saw something new, edgy or even groundbreaking. No, it was as retro as it gets actually. I got into a conversation with an older gentleman about what smartphones are really all about, and what they are good for. Yeah, you know, he was one of those people who truly doesn’t own a computer, and he knows even less about what the hell the Internet is all about. It was a really interesting conversation where features no longer meant anything, but the size of the screen did. It was a peculiar experience really.

The whole thing ended with him busting out his own cell phone, and it was at that moment when I started experiencing the retrofication of time. The phone that this particular gentlemen displayed was a Nokia 3110. Yup, you know, one of those blueish plastic ones with a monochrome screen. My jaw dropped! I wasn’t surprised because he had an old cell phone, of course I have seen people with those before, but it was the fact that it was in such good condition. I swear it looked like it could have been bought yesterday. The point of the story is that I totally couldn’t believe that this person had been using this cell phone for over 10 years, and it was still working. It charged just like it did back when it was new. It’s amazing what technology is capable of. I wonder how long the batteries will last in an iPhone. I mean, usually these things wear out quite fast.

To take a detour, did you know that the first REAL mobile phone was actually displayed in 1922? Well, it is true and there is a video to prove it. This little clip was elegantly shot back in 1922 as mentioned, and it shows two women carrying a box with a ton of cords on it. They wire it to a water post and then start calling. The umbrella that one of the ladies has is actually functioning as an antenna. This is just badass considering that the first ever call on a phone was made in 1898. Just wow!

First Ever Mobile Phone Video

Via: [British Pathé]