Worlds Largest External Hard Drive

As I am looking to buy a new hard drive in the coming week I was trying to figure out what was the largest one there i out there. I wanted an external one and they seem to be in the for front of storage capacity. Sure, there are disk towers but I am not quite there yet and quite frankly I don’t have files enough to fil 7 TB and upwards, just yet.

As I kept looking the largest one I found was 3 TB which suites me quite well. This means I can put EVERYTHING on it that has to do with work and still have space left for a year of hard work. And the winner is…

LaCie Big Disk Quadra
eSATA 3Gb/s | USB | FireWire 400 & 800
3 TB

LaCie Big Disk Quadra - Stacked

And what’s so great with them as well is that they are ultimately stackable which brings this drive to a whole new level for me. When you run out of space, just buy another one!

  • Quadruple interface for maximum connectivity (Mac/PC)
  • Built-in RAID 0 and eSATA 3Gb/s for fast speed
  • Sturdy aluminum heat sink design for
    high reliability
  • Ideal for large volume backups or creative pro use
  • Genie and Intego Backup Manager Pro incl.
  • Time Machine Compatible

The price for this bad boy is really neat as well. They start at $499.99 for the 3 TB and $349.99 for the 2 TB.