World’s Largest Multi-Touch Screen Is Located In The UK

During CES 2013, most companies were focused on impressing the audience with their breakthrough technologies. A touchscreen no longer impresses anyone, so new ideas had to be brought to light. There was no doubt many things that wowed the audience, but there were a few things that stood out among them. For example, Samsung’s Yuom flexible display was of course one of the highlights. Another thing was the 1TB flash drive from Kingston that almost seemed to be otherworldly. Neither of these technologies were available for consumers at the time of the announcements though. We have to look far and wide to find something that will actually impress these days. One of those things could possibly be an insane multi-touch screen located in the UK.

There have been many claims about the world’s largest multi-touch screen throughout the years. It so happens that anyone looking for a way to feel just a little closer to the future showcased in science fiction movies should head to the UK. In particular, you should visit Engage Production Ltd to check out their modulated MultiTacton Cells. It’s a technology that enables you to build incredible multi-touch screens out of touchscreen cells. It’s just like the one you can find over at Engage Production.

The ultra sensitive multi-touch screen can virtually be as big as you have cells for. The technology is already available to the public and could be used for media center solutions, train stations information centers, events and public gatherings. Having one of these at home wouldn’t be too shabby either. It’s hard not to think of all the uses these multi-touch screen cells could be applied to. For example, dressing a whole wall with these multi-touch screens could provide a more customizable way of instantly switching your wallapaper instead of getting sick of it after just two weeks. As I said, this could be used for virtually anything. As of right now, this is actually the world’s largest multi-touch screen. I have to say, I am quite impressed. The question is, what does each cell cost?

Engage Production’s Multi-Touch Screen Cells