Wow, I Have a Stick Printer in My Pocket!

This week has been full of wonders of the world and new gadgets and I am excited and thrilled by the sheer load of things that are coming our way in the near future. I mean, everything from squeeze lamps to interactive finger rings. Yup, it’s all on the list to acquire during the year of 2010. But what’s really cool is that we’re just in the second month of the new year and there is literally a whole year in front of us with goodies to be announced.

Guess if I was surprised when I saw this new gadget from the designers Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee and Changsu Lee! Their invention and their idea is brilliant if you ask me. What is it?

It’s called “Stick POP” and if you could somehow figure out what it is from just saying the name, you’d be guessing for a long time. It’s a printer so small and so awesome that you can literally take it with you in your pocket. Yep, it fits into your back pocket. It comes fitted with USB, OLED screen, a few option buttons and a heck of kick butt impression maker.

I mean, talk about being the cool kid on the block when you, much like Lucky Luke, draw up this puppy from your pocket faster than your own shadow when someone just hints at needing a printer. Being somewhere during a trip or on a train, it would seem impossible that someone “happened” to bring a printer with them for everyone’s convenience. Nope, that is unlikely to happen if you ask me. But then you can come to the rescue and you do it with the most kick ass gadget of 2010. The “Stick POP”! All I can say is, we’re living in the age when everything is portable and I still wonder why no one has thought of this before! Simply, kick ass!