You blog a lot? | Get the “Bloggie” camera from Sony!

In a time when even animals have their own blogs it is apparent that there is a wide audience and focus group for companies to churn out new gadgets for. Blogging has really been taken to another level by the masses and pretty much every social networking service is by default and focused on the incorporation of blog entries and material. When pretty much every cell phone has it’s own camera and apps that makes it increasingly easy to upload new stuff to your blog Sony does the obvious.

During the CES in Las Vegas Sony presented an update of their camera “Bloggie” which seems to be quite a nifty little piece of hardware. They have managed to squeeze in video, pictures, USB, memory cards, changeable batteries and software into a tiny, quite handy, little gadget that looks as it’s really easy to carry around. Sony focuses their upgraded gadget at the average blogger that wants to be able to do it all and then, as easy as it can get, be able to upload it all to your blog.

There is a cool little feature if you go with the most expensive option that for around $200 will enable you to record 360 degree angle video which you can then rotate and do all kinds of things. Pretty cool, but necessary? Well, I think that one is left for the individual to decide.

But, there is however one significant flaw in the whole system there in my opinion. With a wide market of cell phones available to pretty much rich as poor then why would you go and buy this gadget. Does it even have WiFi? I mean, with a regular cell phone you can even upload and update your blog on the run. So why would this be such a huge addition to your blog? And besides, pretty much every cell phone today has both a video camera along with a static camera…except the iPhone 3G that is. LOL (Even though there is a new iPhone with video I still can’t drop the fact that they didn’t incorporate it into the first edition…lame). Well, I really don’t see the future of this little gadget from Sony. But, then again maybe I am not the average customer they have in mind…but wait, I am a blogger right? Hmm…