You’ll Never Guess What We’ll Give Up For Our Smartphones!

Wow, this is a sensitive subject, isn’t it? Nobody wants to admit they would pick their smartphone over some of life’s sweetest pleasures if they had to choose; yet most of us would. I admit, I’m completely addicted to my iPhone. However, in my defense, it’s because I have more friends online than offline.

My life is structured so I live it online, so disconnecting from my iPhone is like slitting my wrists. Wait, that sounded really bad, but you get the idea. It’s truth time. How about you? What would you give up in order to stay plugged in with your smartphone? According to a study by TeleNav, we would give up a lot to keep that smartphone right in our hands. Those things include sex, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, shoes, exercise and even a toothbrush. I have to admit, none of those things hold a candle to my iPhone, so go ahead and take ’em away!

Interestingly enough, the study also showed that we tend to judge people based on the phone they carry. This is fascinating to me because I used to have an Android phone. When I switched to a Verizon iPhone 4, people definitely treated me differently. It’s very similar to the different ways I’m treated based on whether my hair is blond or brunette. Hmm… We are all weirdos, aren’t we? You can read the specific details of this study on TeleNav.

What Would You Give Up

Via: [All Things D] Header Image Credit: [Red Bubble]