5 Best Paraphrasing And Rewriting Apps For Android Smartphone

Paraphrasing apps have become extremely useful for the production of good content.  These apps used advanced strategies that customers want to rewrite the content for their Website and maximize their traffic.

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Why Must You Try A Paraphrasing App Before Writing Yourself?

Paraphrasing apps are effective for the production of organic traffic for SEO and make digital marketing firms more successful. It’s also used to build a strong content plan for email marketing because content leads to building trust and communicating with the customers and to other marketing strategies.

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Here, the paraphrasing apps help you to rewrite the already written content and make it more unique and original. You may also use the paraphrasing apps to summarize your entire article or find ways to represent the basic phrases or words properly.

These apps are used to improve your content’s quality to a considerable degree by flipping words to their most appropriate synonyms. This is a way of rewriting your content and cannot change the author’s specific ideas. As a writer, blogger, or researcher, you must start using paraphrasing apps if you want to improve your writing level.

Paraphrasing Tools Can Make Your Writing More Powerful

No doubt, you have to compose the whole text yourself to achieve a high percentage of uniqueness. However, the percentage of uniqueness is often terribly poor, even though you write completely by yourself. In such instances, you must repeatedly rephrase the text by choosing special words that complement the text’s significance.

Here, it is best to take advantage of the online paraphrasing tool and make your content sounds more powerful and unique. Even professional content writers who can write extraordinary content still take advantage of these apps and save a considerable amount of time.

5 Best Paraphrasing & Rewriting Apps For Smartphones

We’ve picked some free and great applications for you that will allow you to compose your text uniquely and fast on your smartphones.

1. Paraphrasing Tool (Prepostseo)

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Prepostseo provides the best online paraphrasing app that replaces terms with unparalleled synonyms and delivers content free of plagiarism. Like so many apps on the play store, an app with accuracy and usability seems quite difficult to find and trust.

The paraphrasing apps with technical titles sometimes do not offer free paraphrasing. Also, a lot of them do not give accurate results. However, the Prepostseo Paraphrasing app is free and increases the uniqueness of your content.

It is easy to use for anyone who wants to compose unique text by using an app. Moreover, it is simple and convenient. If you are a student, professor, or freelance content writer, who has to work on many niches in a short period, you can count on Prepostseo.

2. Paraphraser – Reword Your Text

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This paraphraser app integrates with a plagiarism checker that also handles your content with plagiarism and uniqueness. It also allows you to verify that the whole text is grammatical right that means the paraphrased content is a whole different, new and original text.

After paraphrasing, it scans for plagiarism by comparing it to all well-known sources. It is one of the professional and fast paraphrasing apps to use. The final paraphrased text can be downloaded in a suitable format automatically, either in TXT or doc.

It is completely free, and you face no limitations on text size or number of attempts, so you can use it whenever you want. Paraphraser uses only English; therefore, the entered text has to be in English.

3. The Article Rewriter And Spinner Tool

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This app is specially built to alter the whole text of content, as you can understand from the title. This app helps you to flip your old text into an entirely new and original one by changing its context. It is developed at a larger database so that the text can be changed to unrelatable from the original.

Once you have paraphrased, the app will then give you options for sentences, phrases, and synonyms that you can change according to the sentence suitability. Other than the first app, this software helps you adjust the text and font size and several more settings that you can adjust. This tool has proved to be handier and time-saving for writers.

4. iParaphrase

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An excellent paraphrasing app must rewrite high-quality content with a high percentage of uniqueness and originality, and the iparaphrase app is the one. You will increase your source text’s accuracy with iparaphrase and make your text more readable and authentic.

iparaphrase shows synonyms to the users so that the language skills can be improved. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes can automatically be tested through its artificial intelligence strategy.  You’ll have suggestions of sentences, synonyms, and many more in the dictionary incorporated into the application, making it more reliable.

5. NLP Paraphraser

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NLP Paraphraser is a fundamental and easy-to-use app that you can use on your smartphone. You just have to paste a piece of your content in its input field, and it will alter your text to more readable content.

The Paraphrasing Tool produces new texts based on the user’s information. It changes the original text in such a way as to prevent plagiarism. Besides, the Paraphrasing Tool will extend the text marginally, as the paraphrasing will increase the number of sentences.


The paraphrasing applications are not significantly stronger than the human brain. It doesn’t matter how well developed a paraphrasing tool is; you still have to proofread your text after it. But the importance of a good paraphrasing app cannot be denied when you can’t get assistance from anyone or cannot paraphrase yourself. Any of them match synonyms very well because the text fits into the meaning and sense of the rest of the job after processing.

You accept that downloading and running an app on your smartphone is much easier than searching for individual synonyms for each phrase and using paper dictionaries. We hope you will be helped to find the best paraphrasing apps for your smartphones.

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