6 Apps That You Should Install For Professional Communication

If you make a lot of mistakes while chatting or writing a professional email to your boss or clients, wait, we have a solution for you. You might have noticed that a lot of great proofreading apps are only available for use in desktop. Not anymore.

In this article, I’m about to show you the six best application to improve your communication and look professional in front of your peers and clients.

PS: The first one is my favorite and I use it daily.

Let’s dive right into the article.

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6 Apps That You Should Install For Professional Communication

1. Grammarly

If you are looking for the ultimate proofreading tool while writing on your cell phone, Grammarly is what I’d recommend to anyone. Grammarly suggests you more than 90% accurate error suggestions and it is by far the best proofreading software ever built.

The software was primarily made for the desktop users; however, later the team realized the similar need for mobile users as well and that’s why they created a dedicated application for all the Android users.

The app is free to use and all you need to do is, go to Play Store and search for Grammarly and install the application on your cell phone. Later, sign up for a Grammarly free account and the app will ask you a couple of permissions. Grant all the permissions and instantly the app will start running in the background without you even noticing it.

If you don’t know Grammarly will check all your errors in real-time which is a lifesaver who isn’t that great at writing English sentences. Moreover, the tool isn’t just restricted to checking the English language; there are several other languages available which you can use at your ease.

2. Ginger Keyboard

Ginger is a fantastic alternative to Grammarly and is used by many professional writers, blogger, freelancers and business owners. The software checks all your grammatical, punctuation and sentence formation error in real-time.

You can use the application on your mobile to check every sentence you write online. For instance, you want to send an urgent email to your client while you are traveling. Now to proofread the email, you need a proofreading software which can only be accessed from your cell phone. In that case, you can use the Ginger Keyboard app to proofread your email within minutes and send it to your client.

Some of the remarkable features that you get with Ginger Keyboard are as follows:

  • Grammar & Spell Checker
  • Emoji, Emoji art, stickers, and animated GIFs
  • Smart bar
  • Swipe
  • Word prediction
  • Advanced sentence rephrasing
  • Ginger translate
  • Themes
  • …and many many more.

I have personally used Ginger, and I was impressed by the error suggestions it gives. Although, at times the suggestions given by the software are completely out of context but the majority of the times you face any such issues.

3. LanguageTool Proofreader

If you are looking for a completely free communication app without any restrictions, you should try out LanguageTool proofreader. It is an open source proofreading program.

The app supports various languages like Breton, Catalan, Esperanto, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. Once you install and activate the application, it will start working on some of the popular networks like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and other messaging apps.

The only downside of the app is if you have any of the Samsung devices the application will not work on your phone. The reason being, Samsung has removed the spell checking API from their devices. The same problem is with LG older devices.

So, if you are using any phones from Samsung or LG, you can check out other applications listed here.

4. GrammarPal

GrammarPal is an excellent app if you are in search of an easy to use proofreading application. The app checks all the errors starting from grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence formation errors.

Here are some of the core features that you get with the GrammarPal app:

  • You can disable the app for any particular application in your phone by adding it in the blacklist.
  • You are in charge of the errors that you want the app to ignore.
  • Replace errors with correct words or phrases.
  • The app shows you the number of errors it would while scanning the write-up.
  • You can add news custom words in the dictionary so that the app won’t show them as errors.
  • The app can also check a specific portion of text for errors. However, this feature will only work on devices above Android 6.0.

Overall, GrammarPal is a decent app to give it a shot at least for once.

5. Proofread Bot

For all the non-native English speakers out there you need Proofread Bot to proofread your articles or anything you write online. Fortunately, the app even checks for plagiarized content.

Apart from that, you have the obvious features like grammar, style, spelling and statistic error checker. Moreover, with Proofread Bot, you can also generate a quick report for understanding what all mistakes you make while writing and how you can improve them. The report contains reliability scores for better understanding of the mistakes.

The app is partially free. Every week, you are free to get one free report. However, if you need more than one report, then you need to buy the credits within the app.

6. Grammar Checker Academic

The Grammar Checker Academic is an easy to use pocket app that helps you look professional in your writing. The app covers all the basic to advanced grammar errors like simple present tense to correcting verbs and nouns.

Grammar Checker Academic is for those for whom English isn’t their primary language or for someone serious about improving their English speaking skill so that they can sound like a native speaker.

All and all, Grammar Checker Academic has some decent features which you should try out and see how it works out for you.


I hope you found this article useful on the six apps that can change the way how you communicate online. If I had one option to choose from out of these seven applications, it would be Grammarly for sure. The only reason me choosing Grammarly over all the other apps is the level of maturity the tool has in suggesting precise errors. The other impressive thing is the easy to use interface of the app.

While choosing the app if you’re confused and need some guidance do leave a comment down below and let me know I’d be happy to help you find the right app for you.

If you are interested in even more app-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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