6 Reasons To Install A Parental Control App For Your Kids

Kids and adults alike are glued to the smartphone nowadays. The generation of today colloquially termed as the “iGeneration”, sees most of the children inside playing on their phones and tabs rather than outdoors. They watch videos, update their statuses on social media platforms, play games and indulge in virtual chats. These platforms may not always be reliable and safe, so you need to find a way to monitor your child’s digital footsteps. Most apps have an inbuilt parental monitor but these aren’t always very effective. Purchasing a parental control device can be a great investment and here are the top 6 reasons on why you should do it!

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1. Unhealthy Content

Screen dependency is a major disorder affecting kids and adults alike and restricting screen time is important. With only a few clicks and swipes, your child will be transported to pages that you wouldn’t want them to see at such a tender age. Ensure that your child uses the internet for only the right purposes. Take control of your child’s phone usage before it takes control of you.

2. Prevent Cyber Bullying

Bullying is no longer a classroom or a playground threat. There are some evil-minded folks out there who use the internet medium as a disguise to bully innocent children. Such cyber bullies are a threat to the wellbeing of your child. It could affect your child’s physical as well as mental health. Sometimes the kids are too afraid or embarrassed to disclose the matter with their parents. Some of them get into depression or might even kill themselves. The only way to protect your kids from such predators is by monitoring their chats and messengers using a parental control program. It blocks chat sites where cyber bullies are known to be prevalent.

3. Avoid Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is a major problem nowadays and most parents find themselves to be helpless in such cases. And it is not just the toddlers who are a victim to this. We can spend hours on the internet without realizing how much time has passed by. This precious time can instead be spent on homework, playing outside with friends or spending some quality time with the family. So to help your child cope with this addiction a parental control app is necessary. It will allow you to schedule a time limit for which your kid can use the internet.

4. Bad Gaming

Pretty sure everybody has heard about the deadly ‘Blue Whale’ game that had cost the lives of several unsuspecting children. Games are intentionally designed to be addictive and extreme obsessions can have severe implications. It is important to monitor the gaming content that your child is playing for the sake of his own safety and your peace of mind.

5. Monitor Multiple Devices

Most modern families nowadays have multiple electronic communication devices and it can be hard to physically keep track on all of them at the same instant. Using a parental control app you can remotely monitor various devices at a time. This allows you to stay on your toes even when you are not around your kids. Filter out irrelevant content and disable unnecessary apps. A cross control parental control program can help you to systematically adjust each of your family members needs and restrictions.

6. Safe Browsing Experience

We often see sexual content just pop out from nowhere while we’re innocently browsing the internet. A web filter will help you to ensure that your child will not accidentally bump into any porn or violent sites. It will block these bad websites that appear either intentionally or abruptly.

You should remember not to treat these apps as spying tools. It is important to sit your child down and make them understand the purpose of using these apps.

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