7 Web App Ideas the World Needs Now

In the world of web apps, all it takes is an idea to take the world by storm. Unfortunately, coming up with that golden idea is one of the hardest parts of app-making. This article lists some great web app ideas for 2021. Perhaps one of the ideas on this list can inspire you to come up with the next big web app.

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1. Improved Chatbot Apps

Chatbots are a great way to provide support to your customers without needing to have a real human on standby. With that said, most of the chatbot apps out there nowadays are not capable of totally replacing a human operator. Chatbots are very efficient at answering customer complains and queries, but they need to have all of the right information to function well.

A well-functioning chatbot can handle everything from processing returns to technical support. In 2021, an improved chatbot app that reduces the need to confer to a human representative could be a game-changer for many businesses out there.

2. Cloud-Based Hardware

One of the biggest web app business ideas of 2021 may well be the concept of cloud-based hardware. Most people now are used to the idea of a cloud-based hard drive, but many companies are starting to experiment with giving cloud access to other forms of hardware.

For example, some companies allow you to remotely connect to a powerful gaming system. You can then stream the visual output of that system to your own PC. With a fast enough internet connection, this essentially gives you a powerful gaming computer on whatever hardware you own.

This concept could be taken even further, allowing users to access all kinds of powerful hardware. For example, 3D animators might use a cloud-based service to render their projects. This enables them to save money as they don’t have to spend as much on their own computer system.

3. Question And Answer Forums

While forums might seem archaic, question and answer forums are vital in a lot of niche subjects. When you google questions about a specific subject, you’ll probably find that certain forums come up most of the time. If you make a question-and-answer forum for a specific niche, there’s a good chance you’ll have great search engine optimization. Traffic will be drawn to the site by people looking for answers.

This means you’ll be able to use such a forum to make some good money in ad revenue. The key is to find the right niche that’s lacking in a quality question and answer forum. Of course, you can’t go too niche as you’ll need a subject popular enough to have enough regular users to populate a forum.

4. Thematic News Aggregator

In 2021, you have to deal with a huge amount of information if you want to stay informed. Trying to read up on a specific topic can be challenging as you constantly find yourself distracted by other interesting but irrelevant information.

This is why thematic news aggregation software would be a great invention. Users would simply put in a topic that they’re interested in, and the app would source news stories on the subject from various outlets.

Not only does this keep you free from distractions, but it also enables you to gather information on a certain subject matter quickly. This kind of service would be incredibly useful for industry experts who read up a lot on specific subjects.

5. Item Exchange Platform

These days people often sell items online only to use the money to buy something else immediately. New web app ideas could streamline this process and allow users to trade their items with each other.

In certain hobbies, swapping out gear is quite common. For example, guitarists often sell and buy used gear constantly. An item exchange platform would streamline the process of acquiring new items.

Users can simply list the items they have and specify what they would be prepared to accept as a trade. Once the trade is accepted, users can exchange information and make the swap. Of course, for this kind of app to be successful, there would need to be an effective escrow system.

6. 3D Printing On Demand

In 2021, 3D printing is still out of reach for the majority of consumers. Most people don’t want to print so much that a 3D printer is a worthwhile purchase. With that said, most people will have one or two items that they would print if they could.

This means that a 3D printing on-demand app could be very profitable. One of the best future web app business ideas could involve letting users directly upload their designs for printing. You could then automatically print out the finished product to the customer.

7. Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Quality assurance is a vital part of doing business, but many startup companies struggle with this aspect of running a company. A great idea for an app would be to offer outsourced quality assurance. While this isn’t really viable for physical products, it could work very well if the company sells a digital product. This idea has already been tried successfully by other companies. Check it out.

Try These Web App Ideas

As you can see, there are a lot of great potential web app ideas out there. You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel and do something completely unprecedented and unexpected. You just have to find a niche that isn’t being filled.

With the right idea and just a little luck, your app could be one of many that blow up in 2021. If it doesn’t, don’t be discouraged. Coming up with the next “big thing” is often a numbers game. It’s unlikely that your first attempt will be successful. So keep trying! If you want to learn more about potential business ideas, check out the rest of our blog posts.

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