Ackuna: Translate Your Mobile Apps For Free

With the spread of mobile devices, apps are becoming more popular and easier to develop. These days, it doesn’t take a team of professional coders to develop apps; individuals and small groups of like-minded people are more than capable of producing high quality apps. Unfortunately, sometimes building the app is easier than getting people to download it. The sheer volume of apps being released these day’s means that it is more difficult than ever to get an app noticed.

Ackuna, a free translation platform, is one way for app developers to tap into new markets. Ackuna allows developers to get their app translated for free and introduced to potential users in other countries.  It currently supports 23 languages and 10 file formats for developers. The site uses a crowdsourcing model – similar to Wikipedia – and relies on other users to provide the translations.

Developers can upload their app for free and specify certain words or phrases that need to be translated these are called segm’ts on Ackuna. Users can browse segm’ts and translate as many or as little of them as they want. Other users can up-vote or down-vote translations based on the accuracy of the translation so developers will know whether or not a segm’t has been poorly translated. Under Ackuna’s platform, translators don’t need to know how to code, and coders don’t need to know how to translate.

Ackuna has a variety of incentives for users, like badges, rankings and the ability to promote yourself as a translator. It is the perfect way for professional and aspiring translators to build their resume and help out an app developer at the same time. Some of the apps that are currently looking for translations include an airport Android app, a Bitcoin price tracker, an anti-spyware app and lots of games. If you are an app developer, or someone who knows another language and wants to contribute, check out this app translation site!

Ackuna – Translate Your Mobile Apps For Free

Ackuna Free Translation Service