Brands Start To Offer Instagram Rewards For Your Best Pictures

If you have ever used Instagram, you know it’s all about the pictures. What you share is what is going to put you on the map so to speak. Even though Instagram has become insanely popular in the last few years, it has pretty much stayed a few feet from the marketing arena. Sure, there have been companies that have used the platform to promote their products, but that’s not anywhere near what is happening right now. Behold the new craze on Instagram…the Instagram rewards.

Before I get into it, I think I need to explain that it’s not Instagram that is offering rewards, but a new accessory app called SnapMyAd. This particular app, which is downloadable right now, is like an accessory application. It works in collaboration with Instagram. All you need to do to start receiving Instagram rewards is to sign in with your Instagram login information, and then start picking the pictures from your Instagram account that you are willing to let brands use in their advertising.

That’s right, this is exactly what the app is. What the Instagram rewards are all about is that you will be given rewards in exchange for brands being able to use your pictures in their ads. It’s quite easy actually, and the possibilities are endless. The rewards could be anything from an Amazon gift card to a free week trial of a new car. It all depends on what the brands themselves are willing to give for your pictures.

There have been many companies that have tried this approach with great success. Klout, Kred and many more have successfully implemented this into their core business structure, and brands seem to love it. The Instagram rewards could mean another boost of users into this already enormous social networking service now owned by Facebook. So if you are sharing your pictures with your followers, and you would like to start receiving offers of a few Instagram rewards, then you should definitely have a look at the SnapMyAd app. Who knows, maybe this will be the service that fuels your entire lifestyle soon.

SnapMyAd Offers Unlimited Instagram Rewards



Via: [psfk]