Top 5 Best Card Games You Can Play On Your iPhone

If you’re sitting at the bus stop and waiting for your bus, imagine how bored you would be without something to do on your smartphone. The same goes for going on a long road trip or waiting at the dentist’s office. That’s part of the reason why have our smartphones – to give us something to do when we’re bored. And what better way to entertain ourselves than playing card games on our phones?

Card games are one of the best ways that you’re going to be able to entertain yourself while you’re bored. And the great thing is, over the years, so many apps have been developed that are fantastic for card games. There are so many out there on various app stores, but down below, you’re going to get the top five card games you should download. Having these games on your phone is going to ensure that when you’re feeling bored, you have something to play to pass the time away.

Top 5 Card Games Star Realms

1. Star Realms by White Wizard Games

The first item on the list is one of the absolute best deck-building games ever designed. You are going to have an absolute blast with Star Realms on your smartphone. If you’re familiar with the other game called Dominion, then you should be familiar with this game. The only difference is that Star Realms’ card deck is based in space! The players of this game are going to take their turns in buying starships and other spaceships/weapons in the space market. You can then, in turn, use these weapons to attack other players and advance your interests. There are tons of different cards that you can use, so this game is definitely not going to get old, no matter how many times you play it.

There’s only one negative aspect of this game. The cards are pretty small on the screen and you’ll have to zoom up close to figure out what they say. This might be a problem for any of you with eye vision problems. Other than that, this free game on the app market is going to be the perfect one to add to your smartphone gaming collection!

Top 5 Card Games The Spades

2. The Spades by Ai Factory Limited Card Games

When you’re looking for card games, you might just be looking at the simple card games like Solitaire or The Spades. And that’s completely fine! There’s no reason that you have to go with the fancy card games when you can easily get simple card games that don’t have those bells and whistles. Now, these games are not much to look at, but they are simple and will help you pass the time. The games are going to come with ads in them, so you’ll have to pay to get rid of those. However, with the sheer amount of free games available to play when you’re bored, you probably won’t have a second thought about buying the full versions of these games.

Top 5 Card Games Earthcore

3. Earthcore: Shattered Elements by Tequila Games Sp. z o.o.

Next up is a little bit different from the other games on this list. Earthcore is a trading card game along the lines of Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh from back in the day. However, Earthcore is pretty simple to pick up thanks to the rock-paper-scissors aspect of playing. For example, water cards are going to be better than fire cards and fire cards are going to be better than earth cards. However, the big difference in this game is that there are no attack and defense values. Rather, there is a risk value. This is the amount of damage you risk taking if your card loses in a battle with another card. There are so many other rules to take into account, which makes this game one that you can definitely play for hours and hours on end without getting bored. Definitely pick this one up if you were a fan of those old trading games as a kid!

Top 5 Card Games Card Wars Kingdom

4. Card Wars Kingdom by Cartoon Network

If you’re a fan of the show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network and have been a fan of cool poker apps in the past, then you are definitely going to want to get this card game onto your smartphone. Card Wars Kingdom is a card game that’s based right off of this show. You are going to be collecting various cards and using them to fight off your enemies. The best part about this game is the sheer number of characters you can collect from the TV series, the number of level-ups there are to improve your gameplay and the elements of playing online players. If you are going to want the full game, however, you are going to have to buy the premium version, which is a bit of a bummer. However, if this is a game and a TV show that you seriously love, then you will have no problem paying the rest of the fee. And you can be assured that the premium version of the game is definitely worth the money!

Top 5 Card Games Nightfall

5. Nightfall by Playdek, Inc.

Next up, we have another trading game on the lines of Star Realms that we discussed earlier. However, there are super huge differences that come when you play Nightfall, rather than Star Realms. The main focus of this game is seeing which of the four online players can come up with the best combinations of card effects to chain up and damage their opponents. You are going to need to be clever in order to outsmart the other players in this game! That’s the best part about this game, however. Some card games can make it feel like you’re in your own game without interacting much with other players. Not with Nightfall! You are going to have to be actively fighting against other players to beat them and become the reigning champion.

There you have it! Each of these games are the ones you seriously have got to get onto your iPhone. They are going to keep you entertained when you’re bored and will ensure you always have something to do on your smartphone.

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