Artificial Intelligence App Tweets On Your Twitter After Your Death

We may not have figured out how to live forever, but apparently we’ve figured out how our Twitter accounts can. Yup, now your Twitter can keep going even when you aren’t. I’m not talking about scheduled auto-tweets or having another person tweet for you. I’m talking about an artificial intelligence that learns your personality and tweets, retweets and keeps your Twitter account going after you are long gone.

It’s a morbidly interesting idea, and one that over 7,000 people like since that’s how many people have already signed up for this ‘after death Twitter service.’ The app, called _LIVESON, is described as being your social afterlife. According to the website, it studies your Twitter feed and learns all about what you like, what you don’t like, what tweets you’ve favorited, what tweets you’ve retweeted, and even your writing style.

It will then start putting together a fake Twitter feed full of tweets for you to see. This is done on a private Twitter account on that will only allow one follower (you). That way, while you are still alive you can give feedback to the service about the fake tweets so when it starts sending them for real (after you’re dead), they will be just right.

These aren’t just bogus tweets either. This very intelligent service will retweet tweets, send quotes, and tweet about certain situations happening in the world. It will actually look like it’s you who is doing the tweeting. You can even select someone to be the special person who will manage your _LIVESON account after you are gone.

I’ve heard of Twitter services that will tweet a final tweet after you die and that sort of thing, but this is the first I’ve heard of a service that will keep your Twitter account going as if nothing happened. Although it’s intriguing, I can’t figure out why someone would want this service. Surely there must be a logical explanation. I hope someone will enlighten me about that. I mean, after we die, will it really matter if we start losing followers because we’ve stopped tweeting? Hmm…

App Tweets On Your Twitter (Just Like You) After You’re Dead


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