Looksery: Real Time Face Modification App – Instagram On Steroids

It is said that by now there is an app for everything. Well, that might be true but nothing could have impressed me more than the app I stumbled across when I was doing my daily run through the exciting and innovative crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter. The app, Looksery, is a breed of its own and deserves all the attention it can get. Why? Because once you see what it is capable of you will understand that things are about to change in a significant way.

You might have heard of the term “facial recognition technology” and that’s the realm of which the Looksery app roam. The developers over at the Castro Valley, California-based company have dug deep in their algorithm-thick imagination vaults and put together an app that in real time can change your looks in an almost unreal fashion.

The core technology of the app is a groundbreaking face tracking/face modification technology that the Looksery team developed and it leaps ahead of any other real-time modified video streaming technology on the market. With five patents pending, the Looksery video messanger app is only the first implementation and the company is currently also looking at licensing their technology to their partners.

If you can believe it, the Looksery app scans your face in real time and can apply effects that can make you look thinner, smoother and even make you look like a gnarly and brain-hungry zombie. If you are a big fan of the more recent reality horror movies like The Grudge and One Missed Call, you will be happy to know that you can add action-based effects to your videos that will make even your friends drop their phones in fear.

For example, one of the effects tracks your facial expressions, and if you open your eyes and mouth up wide, the effect of a realistic and horrifying ghost face will appear over yours, making sure people start wondering what the heck is going on.

Facial recognition apps have so far been bulky and slow, but that is not the case with Looksery. This app’s processing speed is almost too impressive, and the real time results are something that we here at Bit Rebels think will change things forever.

The Looksery app comes with a whole set of features and they are all put together to impress and push the envelope further than ever before. For example, once installed you will have features like real time face filters and video effects, filter adjustments, integrated chat, private video sharing and, of course, the mandatory quick posting to social media networks. So far the app also boasts an amazing 16 face transformation filters and 25 post effects.

[pullquote]Looksery’s quick and user friendly interface could possibly make it the next Instagram on steroids.[/pullquote] We are all looking for the next immersive and creative way to share our everyday escapades and Looksery is definitely the app to push us beyond the somewhat dated photo sharing experience.

The app is currently in development, but an almost finished version of the iPhone app can be seen in the video below. Once the app is finalized and ready to be released to all you app-hungry people out there, the developers plan on also bringing you an Android and iPad version of it, and both are expected for release in November, 2014.

Looksery just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital that will be used towards ironing out some bugs, make a few design changes and, of course, make the app ready for the App Store and you. With 44 days left on their campaign and with such a strong app concept on their hands, it looks like it is going to be an easy task to round up pledgers to become early-bird investors in this highly anticipated app. We here at Bit Rebels can’t wait to get our hands on Looksery and see how it will change the online video and picture sharing experience forever.

Looksery – Real Time Video & Photo Effects On Steroids


Looksery Facial Recognition App

Looksery Facial Recognition App

Looksery Facial Recognition App

Looksery Facial Recognition App

Looksery Facial Recognition App

Looksery Facial Recognition App