Avi Benezra Attributes Rapid SnatchApp Growth To World-class Privacy And Security

With the rising awareness of privacy and security surrounding messenger apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Zoom, Avi BenEzra has taken the world by storm with SnatchApp, the most private, secure, and technology advanced messenger and calling app to date.

SnatchApp is a free new generation Al-powered messenger and calling platform that was developed in 2017, by Avi BenEzra and brother, Henri BenEzra. Avi and Henri BenEzra founded SnatchApp on the belief that privacy is a universal right, and with this in mind, they created a user-friendly app that allows people to connect with those they care about without the worry or concern of outside parties accessing their data and personal information.

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Avi BenEzra said: “Here at SnatchApp our main concern is the safety and security of our users’ data and personal information, which is why we designed a messaging and calling platform with the capability to protect our users’ high-value and sensitive communications 100% of the time”. For the last 20 years, Avi and Henri BenEzra worked in the Telco industry, which gave them an insider perspective into how messenger and calling apps have developed and transformed.

Their experience also gave them a unique insight into the needs of users, of which privacy and security were most essential. And this inspired them to develop SnatchApp, an app that provides advanced and secure communication options combined with the latest Al tools which are freely downloadable for all ISO, Android, and Windows Desktop users. It is also available on the web and will be available for Mac users very soon.

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SnatchApp’s Plethora Of Features

SnatchApp was designed to connect people and businesses around the world in an intelligent and dynamic manner which is why it was designed with a wide variety of features and Al tool. It is available in 53 languages. Using SnatchApp, people are able to send free and secure text messages and video calls, as well as send photos and videos and emojis, to family, friends, and colleges around the world all in a secure manner.

Users can dial in up to 10 people in a voice or video conference call, they can share their live location, and also change the pitch of their voice when sending voice recordings. SnatchApp also allows users to share files and documents through their Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox accounts, and soon users will be able to conduct money transfers between themselves. SnatchApp also offers users, interested in visual design and social media, the tools and guidelines to help them use their brand and assets, including logos, content, and trademarks.

With SnatchApp, users’ text messages, photos, video, shared files, and documents are end-to-end encrypted, SnatchApp does not store their users’ data and communications on their servers. What differentiates SnatchApp from competitors such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other social media platforms, is its enhanced security features that guarantee its users’ communications remain private and secure.

Their Enhanced Security Features

As BenEzra said, SnatchApp was designed to protect value and sensitive communication between users, which means SnatchApp does not store or save its users’ communications, including messages, photos, videos, voice messages, share files or live locations. Once messages and other communications are delivered to the receiver, they are also deleted from SnatchApp’s servers. All messages, calls, files, and documents are stored on the user’s devices.

If the communications are not delivered within 30 days, because a user has not been online, SnatchApp will attempt to deliver it again before deleting it from their servers for good. SnatchApp also has multiple layers of encryption to power secure peer-to-peer communication, and their end-to-end encryption on all communications and files shares means that the encryption key only exists on users’ devices and no-one else, not even SnatchApp can access or read their users’ data.

SnatchApp also has a very useful function which allows users the option to ‘disappear and hide messages’. This function, when activated, will hide messages in envelopes before users have read them and also make messages disappear once they have been opened. Users can also set a timer to schedule when messages are to be deleted. Whether private individuals or businesses, users are guaranteed total security and privacy of their communications on SnatchApp.

How Does SnatchApp Compare To Zoom & Whatsapp?

What differentiates SnatchApp from competitors much like Zoom, is merely the scope of features provided. Unlike using Zoom, users can share their live location through SnatchApp, and unlike WhatsApp users can change the sound of their voice, and easily add contacts from other accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook and Google. SnatchApp also allows users to disappear, hide and time-delete messages and other communications, features which many leading competitors do not provide.

These features set SnatchApp apart from applications exactly like Zoom, WhatsApp, and many more. And unlike many other video conferencing apps and platforms that have grown in popularity during the period of the Coronavirus, SnatchApp is firstly, completely free to all users, and secondly, SnatchApp is the first messaging and call app created by bots, SnatchBots to be specific. Snatchbot is a bot-building platform where SnatchApp is a channel integrated into the platform among others such as Messenger, Telegram, etc.

SnatchApp can be used for personal and professional purposes and tailored to suit the privacy needs of all its users. SnatchApp’s host of features and end-to-end encryption make it one of the top competitors of the messenger application industry.

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Leaders Of World-Class Privacy And Security

SnachApp connects people and businesses around the globe in a secure and efficient manner. According to Avi BenEzra, “SnatchApp takes the privacy and data security of its users very seriously. It is one of our top priorities, and in an age where privacy and personal security is so easily compromised, we pride ourselves on providing users with a technology advanced, yet entirely secure messenger and calling platform on which they can freely communicate”.

SnatchApp hands over all control to its users, users have the ability to set privacy settings to their own specifications, by making texts disappear, hiding them once opened and timed-deleting messages, all the while knowing that their communications are not stored on the application’s server. SnatchApp follows various principles in accordance with worldwide practices to secure the data of its users and protect their communications.

The security and guaranteed privacy that SnachApp provides its users is unmatched by other messenger applications on the market. SnatchApp provides its viewers with world-class privacy and security which is why it has grown so quickly in popularity in relation to social media and messenger platforms.

The rise of SnatchApp has made keeping in touch with loved ones so much easier and made global communications more secure and more encrypted. With SnatchApp and a viable internet connection, users will be able to securely send texts, photos, voice recordings, share files and documents, and soon, transfer money to other users, and not have to worry about their personal security and digital privacy.

SnatchApp is part of a new generation of Al-messaging and calling applications that have taken private and data security to an entirely new standard, and with their wide range of Al-powered and security features, SnatchApp has set the bar quite high for other social media and messenger applications and platforms.

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