Best Mobile Apps To Make Remote Work More Productive

Remote work has become incredibly popular nowadays for many reasons. But the main reason is, of course, the global COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work has turned out to be the only way not to interrupt work activities for an indefinite period and at the same time keep the health of the entire team. However, not everyone knows how to implement this format of work quickly and, most importantly, efficiently. Here we will talk about applications that can help you make your remote work more productive.

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1. Trello

Trello is one of the best solutions for project management. It allows you to consistently control each stage of the task. The system consists of the lists with the boards. Each board can be a process, a project, or a separate task. This way Trello becomes an ally of competent time management, where each task is assigned to subtasks, which, in turn, can be accompanied by comments, deadlines, tags, and files. Trello has plugins that allow you to use it in conjunction with other applications. For example, you can add Trello deadlines into the Google calendar.

2. Clean Email

For email management, you should use an email organizer and one of the best choices is definitely Clean Email. According to its algorithms, this application automatically divides your messages into bundles, to which you can easily apply the needed actions such as delete, archive, star, move to a folder, etc. As a result, you will forget about your messy inbox and save a lot of time for doing more important tasks. It will also easily unsubscribe from all emails and newsletters you no longer want to receive.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is storage from Google that allows you to collaborate on files. You can share text documents, spreadsheets, or photos and work online. The free plan includes 15 GB of free space, it can be expanded up to 1 TB. The space on your Google Drive is also used to store main in your Gmail account.

4. Toggl

Toggl is a service that allows you to control the time spent on work. It is very easy to use: you indicate the project, the task, and click “Play”. The system will start counting the time. Before a break or after the end of the execution, stop the timer and see not only the total amount of time spent but also the hours. You can discipline yourself or track how much time employees spend on a particular task. Tasks can be easily combined into projects and employees into teams.

5. Echo

Echo is the perfect voice messenger for teams. You can use it both for everyday communication and for business communication between employees. It is fast, convenient, and simple. Each company or team has its own workspace, where they can chat directly or in channels. You can use it for free with some limitations or choose the subscription plan for unlimited features.

6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote access programs. With its help, you can connect to a remote desktop or show your desktop, if you need to demonstrate some actions. It is great for helping you with a problem or for demonstrating software. If you use the program only at home, it is free, for corporations you have to purchase the license.

7. Forest

Forest app is a symbiosis of a site blocker and a timer. After installing the application in the Google Chrome browser, you add a list of distracting sites in the settings (by default, there are already Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube). When you click on the timer in the browser application bar, the virtual tree starts to count down and grow. If you visit a prohibited site, a notification will appear stating that the tree is still growing.

If you click “Give up”, the tree will die immediately and the application will not only inform you about it but also show a dried twig. If you resist the temptation, after the specified period, a notification will appear that you have grown a healthy tree.

8. Zoom

Video meetings create not only close emotional contact between employees but also effective conditions for communication. By seeing and hearing your colleagues, you can interact with them as productively as if you were at the same table. It’s no surprise that video conferencing services are so popular.

Zoom is one of the market leaders. It organizes secure video communication and allows you to share the screen with conference participants, transfer files, and save recordings of conversations. In the free version, you can invite up to 100 people to a video meeting, and its duration will be a maximum of 40 minutes. To remove the restrictions, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription – from $ 15 per month from the organizer.

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