This Free Cosmetic Surgery App Can Get You Plastic Surgery On Demand

Earlier this year, On-Demanders were introduced to the future of Plastic Surgery.  It’s called The Plastic Surgery Network by Living Sage.  This app can put you under the knife right in your living room, virtually speaking. This technology answers all your plastic surgery questions without having to leave the house or meeting the surgeon.

Living Sage simplifies the cultural craving for plastic surgery with the inundation of technology.  With injections that help you look like your preferred Instagram filter or plasma injections straight out of a sci-fi movie, there’s no wonder people have become curious about cosmetic procedures. This app bridges the future with the present—and helps de-mystify all the plastic surgery questions people may have.

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More On Living Sage’s  Plastic Surgery Network

Living Sage is a community forum which was designed to boost communication, comprehension, and also guide users through specific plastic surgery procedures. Early adopter and board-certified plastic surgeon, Gordon Kaplan, M.D. sees Living Sage as “YouTube-meets-Yelp-meets Best Buy.”

As per Dr. Kaplan,  “This On-demand app lets providers upload all their work onto a website which then uploads to the AppleTV,  allowing users to watch various procedures and to familiarize with  plastic surgeons from around the world.”  Incredibly, Sage is releasing an upgrade this summer which will enable patients to compare various procedures, products, and providers with a click of a button.

Not so long ago, obtaining the power to save the latest episode of your favorite show was a thrilling and novel concept. One thing led to another and now, it is a different era altogether and Netflix made it possible to watch something whenever you want and for as long as you want, wherever you want and you can go through the entire session in one sitting.

Living Sage users have grown to realize that on-demand platforms are no longer limited to movies, TV shows, and other conventional forms of entertainment.  Sagists can now book Botox appointments just with the click of a button. Living Sage’s Plastic Surgery Network has been designed to make all this possible.

This new Apple TV app is bringing on-demand satisfaction to your screen with the first and only content-driven arena for plastic surgeons and respective authorities to share their skill and online generated content. Users seamlessly search through different forms of media ranging from cosmetic surgery videos, beauty, health, wellness podcasts, and articles published in credible news sources. You can even surgeon-shop, as the platform rates, and ranks surgeons based on their skill, reviews, and outcomes.

The current abilities of the app don’t seem to be too much involved than what you could already find while browsing the web, but there is news that the developers are already working to keep on adding elements which could integrate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into the entire experience. Needless to say, Living Sage’s Plastic Surgery Network is something you have to see to believe.

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