Five Alternatives To Solidworks

Solidworks is a top-notch professional product for mechanical engineering projects. This CAD software is extremely powerful and provides you with 3D modeling tools, assemblies, simulations, and manufacturing solutions. However, Solidworks does cost quite a lot of money and it may be hard to learn. Therefore, you may decide to use one of these alternatives for 3D printing Los Angeles.

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If you are a beginner Sketchup would be a good replacement. If you use the browser version it is free, while the desktop version costs from 119 to 1199 dollars. It is a 3D modeling software that is mostly used by industry experts that focus on (landscape) architecture and interior design to be able to use 3D printing Chicago. Sketchup however does not only work with 3D, you namely start by creating a 2D sketch.

Fusion 360

Another perfect program for beginners is Fusion 360, which can be used on Windows and iOS. Students can get a free license, while others have to pay 60 dollars a month to be able to use Fusion 360. It is an integrated CAM, CAE, and CAD software that is well known for its user-friendliness and enjoyable UI. Fusion 360 can be used to create very precise 3D models, but it also allows rapid prototyping.


SolveSpace is also a good tool for starting 3D printing producers. The biggest advantage of this program is that it is completely free, while it can be used on multiple platforms: Windows, iOS, and Linux. SolveSpace is an open-source CAD software that is very simple to use and easy to learn. You can use 2D drawings, but also 3D modeling tools to create precise and technical pieces.


Rhino is a program that focuses on intermediates and professionals. It is available for Windows and iOS and costs 995 dollars. Rhino is popular because it provides you with multiple operations. It has accurate technical tools that allow you to free-form 3D models and 3D animations, but you also get a wide range of 3D solutions.

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a program developed by Siemens focused on professionals. It can be used on Windows, iOS, and Linux. Solid Edge is free for both teachers and students, while others pay between 100 and 420 dollars a month. It is quite similar to Solidworks, but it has a different take on CAD modeling. It namely has a synchronous technology, while Solidworks uses parametric modeling.

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