Forget About Dark Sky, Here Are The Best Weather Apps You Should Use

Dark Sky was once one of the most popular weather apps available on the market for both Android and iOS users alike, providing accurate weather forecasting and advanced functionalities to its users.

This all changed when the app was bought out by Apple in March 2020, with functionality for Android users being ended on August 1st, 2020. This means that Android users need to forget about Dark Sky and look at the best weather apps they should use.

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1. ClimaCell Weather Assistant

ClimaCell Weather Assistant is a weather app available for both iOS and Android, with a sleek and intuitive layout that makes checking the weather and planning your day less stressful and more carefree. The company’s forecasting method involves combining traditional data inputs with connected devices such as cell towers and drones to get a clearer and more accurate picture of the weather.

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In addition to traditional weather information, the app also provides alerts for disasters such as fires, floods and road hazards with great accuracy and forewarning so that you can travel safely and protect what you hold dear.

The app also provides a hyper-local feature, which allows users to scale down their forecast all the way down to the size of a city block, making for accurate, specific forecasting for your day. You can download ClimaCell Weather Assistant on the Google Play Store or the App Store today.

2. Appy Weather

If you were a fan of the Dark Sky UI, then Appy Weather may be an ideal choice for you as it currently operates using the Dark Sky API. The support for this API will be continued until 2021, at which point the app will have different data intakes to choose from. The app is still relatively new and is continually being updated with new features.

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The app itself is very user-friendly and makes use of a simple card layout, in addition to traditional weather forecasting and precise locational options. It also features a weather radar, which can be incredibly useful for those of you who may want to track severe storm patterns. You can download Appy Weather from the Google Play Store.

3. Today Weather

Similarly to the aforementioned Appy Weather, Today Weather can get it’s data feed through several sources, including Dark Sky, Accuweather, and This allows for accurate forecasting in various corners of the world. The app has a sleek, minimalist design allowing you leisurely swipe through the app to check the weather in multiple areas at the same time.

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Today Weather features some information that Dark Sky doesn’t, for example, allergy sufferers will be relieved to hear that pollen count is included. This is in addition to other air quality information. The app also comes with radar mapping, so you can track weather fronts as they happen. You can download Today Weather on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now.

4. Flowx

Flowx is an app for the meteorology lovers out there who love to get their data visually. Flowx taps into a wealth of available data from government agencies and private organizations, with two of these, namely NOAA GFS and CMC GDPS being available in the vanilla app and another 16 being available when you purchase a subscription.

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The app itself features a map with eight different layers of information that can be accessed. These are rainfall, satellite imaging, temperature, wind speed, pressure, wave condition, wind circulation, and wave circulation. At the top of the screen, you can find a graph containing upcoming weather trends that can be tracked by the hour for up to six days. You can download Flowx on the Google Play Store.

5. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel App is an extension of the cable network of the same name is free to download and can make a great interim replacement for Dark Sky. The app itself offers a large amount of weather data, including standard information such as temperature, wind conditions, visibility levels, which can be viewed hourly or daily and spread across ten days into the future.

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The app also features interactive maps that make use of Doppler radar to visually display rainfall, severe weather patterns, and other events. Push notifications will let you know when the weather’s going to change, which may be familiar to past Dark Sky users. You can download The Weather Channel from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now.


In conclusion, with Dark Sky now losing a large amount of its potential user base, other apps are able to take their slice of the market. Each of these apps has its own benefits and will be better suited to some users than others. By reading this article, you should be able to accurately select the best alternative weather app for your needs.

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