Funtoxication: Fun App Checks Your Blood Alcohol Level

Driving while drunk is just not cool. We all know that. I cannot think of one situation where it is acceptable. There are those times when we think we are ok to drive, but we want to verify it. In my personal opinion, if we are even 1% unsure, then we shouldn’t get behind the wheel. However, I understand that being able to check our own blood alcohol level might be kinda fun, especially with an app like this.

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to check your blood alcohol level, but none do it quite like Funtoxication. All you have to do is enter your gender, age, weight, drink choice, how many you’ve consumed and over what time range. The app does the rest. Your basic information is saved in your profile so you don’t have to reenter it next time you go out with your friends. This app not only lets you know how drunk you are, but it also comes complete with drunk games to play while you are waiting for that taxi you called. If you score too high on the games, it let’s you know you “need more booze.” If your blood alcohol level is too high for you to drive, a pop up message appears that reads, “Taxi? You’re kinda plowed.

You can grab this app on iTunes for a buck. Remember, this app is mostly for entertainment and fun. I would not depend on it for accurate information. If you want to be on the safe side, either don’t drive after you’ve been drinking at all, assign a designated driver, or drink at a place where you know you can stay put for a while.

Funtoxication Blood Alcohol Level App

Via: [New York Times Blog]