A Guide To The Best Apps And Tools For Creating Instagram Stories

Making stories is becoming the new norm for Instagram users. It’s a great way to post videos and photos together. And it elevates your content beyond the strictly image-based posts we’re all used to. Today, we’ll be exploring must-have apps and tools for creating stories on Instagram, whether you’re a professional or a beginner. Instagram stories are a terrific way to organically grow Instagram followers on your page and so is Followers.io.

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StoriesEdit App

StoriesEdit is an app that lets you create beautiful stories with templates, text, stickers, and emojis. A visually pleasing app with a sleek interface and simple design. This App comes with a collection of templates that allow you to film from preset angles and within a set frame size. You can also add text to your videos and split-screen effects.

Not only can you use custom backgrounds, but you can also customize your text, and it has the most options for customizing your text. Not only does StoriesEdit have pre-made templates for you to use, but also they have a font builder feature in the App where you can create your own font from scratch!

A Design Kit

This tool allows you to create real-time graphics on top of your Instagram Stories while you’re filming them. To use the App, take a video or photo in Instagram’s Story function and select Design Kit from the list of options at the bottom of your screen. You can add text, animated graphics, or even a countdown clock to your story. You can also select from several different fonts for your text. The App is free for iOS users.

Canva Stories

The Canva Stories app is a free app part of Canva Pro. If you already use Canva for your social media graphics, you can use the App to create 15-second stories in minutes. Or, if you’re just starting with stories, the Canva Stories app is a great way to get started.

In addition to having access to all of Canva’s templates, the Stories app gives you a “motion toolkit” where you can find animated effects, transitions, and more. There’s also a library of hundreds of thousands of photos and illustrations to choose from. Using the Canva Stories app, you can also add your photos and videos.

Another benefit of using the Canva Stories app is automatically resizing your story for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This saves time and makes it easier to repurpose content across platforms. Canva is extremely versatile and powerful and will gain you, followers, as well as Followers.io.


Do you want to create eye-catching and unique Instagram Stories that will captivate your audience? Look no further than Wepik Instagram Stories Maker, the online design platform that offers one of the best tools for creating amazing Instagram Stories. With its extensive collection of pre-designed templates and intuitive editing tool, Wepik allows you to easily customize them and stand out from the crowd.

Whether promoting a product or showcasing your brand, Wepik has got you covered with thousands of customizable templates designed specifically for Instagram Stories. From bold and playful designs to sleek and professional layouts, there’s something for everyone.

It also offers the possibility to design your own Instagram Stories from scratch! Plus, with its user-friendly interface, even those without design experience can create stunning Stories in just minutes.


The Over App is probably the most popular tool for creating Instagram Stories. The App allows you to add text, images, and stickers on top of any image or video in your camera roll. Though you can customize further, these features are free by buying a premium package.


Nichi App is phenomenal. It’s an app that allows you to create high-quality Instagram Stories in no time at all. You can do everything from inserting text or emojis and changing the background to adding stickers or transforming photos into captivating designs.


If you’re looking for something to add some style and flair to your Instagram Stories, Mojo is the App for you. A free app available on the App Store, Mojo allows users to add animations and text to their photos with ease.

The App has a range of templates that are updated every week (you don’t even have to download them again), and all of them include customizable texts and animations.


StoryLuxe is an app that helps you create fun stories with a luxe look. You can use one of the pre-existing templates or create your own using one of the 60 fonts and a variety of backgrounds, filters, and stickers. It also features professional image effects, gradients, and color filters.

Create custom backgrounds for their stories with filters, text, stickers, and more. The App also has a feature that allows users to upload an image or video and filter it. Additionally, users can add music from their devices to gain followers and so does Followers.io.


This App is an easy-to-use Instagram story editor app that offers many predesigned templates and layouts as well as hundreds of filters and fonts, so you can easily create beautiful stories without spending much time on it.

Free Stories offers five categories: birthday cards, celebrations, fashion, everyday life, and wedding days. Some of the templates have text overlays that you can change by tapping on them and typing in your own text, and others have preselected text that you can’t change without a premium subscription. The photo frames are also preselected, but you can easily change them by opening the image folder on your phone and selecting the new image you want to use.


Mojito is a mobile app that allows you to create slick designs in just five seconds! The App offers a selection of predesigned templates for things like quotes, blogger tips, product highlights, and sale announcements — or you can create custom graphics using the App’s built-in design studio. Mojito has a free plan available with limited features, but it’s still one of the best apps for creating Instagram Stories.


The Clipomatic App is my number one go-to for creating cool content for my Instagram Stories. It automatically adds music to your videos, and it gives you a wide range of different styles to choose from, like “Slowmo,” “Boomerang,” etc.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free graphic design app that allows you to create stunning Instagram stories in just minutes. The App offers three different options for creating your Instagram stories: video, photo, and page.

Video is the best option if you want to tell a story with your Instagram story because it allows you to edit multiple images while also adding text, music, and filters to your story. Photo lets you create a single image collage with a title and one or more photos. The page gives you the flexibility of video but in the format of an Instagram story. You can also customize your font style and color for each project. I like that you can use either photo from Adobe’s stock library or your phone camera roll.


Ripl offers templates for Instagram Stories and feed posts, Facebook posts and ads, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, YouTube graphics, and more. It has a library of over 200,000 photos and graphics to use in your designs.

It’s incredibly easy to use — just choose one of the templates or start from scratch, add your text or logo, change the colors to match your brand palette, then save it and share it on your social media accounts.


The StoryChic app is a mobile app that allows users to upload their Instagram photos and graphics and use those as the base for an Instagram Story. Here’s an example of an Instagram Story I created using this App:

This App is excellent for creating an Instagram Story because it has several pre-made templates to use as the base of your image. You don’t have to start from scratch, and you can just upload your graphic or photo and then drag it into the template.

The templates also come with captions, so if you’re unsure what to write for your caption, there’s no need to worry about it. However, if you want to write your caption, all templates allow you to edit their text by selecting the text and replacing it with whatever you’d like.

Tezza App

The Tezza app is one of the most popular apps for creating Instagram Stories. It comes complete with a range of templates, filters, and effects that can be applied to photos and videos… just like on TikTok!

The Tezza app is a photo editing tool that lets you create custom filters for Instagram Stories and post images. Instagram influencer Taylor Loren developed the App.


MADE is an iOS app that allows you to create short animations with your still photos. Just select a series of between 2-14 photos, and MADE will loop them to create a GIF. You can also use videos or even live photos.

While the resulting animations are relatively simple, they’re surprisingly effective.


StoryBoost is a new way to create Instagram stories that stand out from the crowd. The App allows you to use templates that professional designers have designed, make them your own, and publish them to your Instagram story.

StoryBoost features over 30 video templates and over 20 photo templates that are constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends. Using the App couldn’t be easier. Choose a template, customize it to match your brand, and add it to your story.

The StoryBoost app is free to download from the Apple App Store. You can access all of the templates for free (there are no in-app purchases).


If your goal is to gain followers, Unfold is an amazing tool. You can also gain followers with Followers.io. Since its launch, Unfold has increasingly become a popular tool for creating beautiful layouts for your Instagram Stories.

The App is available for iOS and Android devices and offers over 100 story templates, including 20 free templates that you can easily customize with your content. While there are over 100 templates available, you may want more freedom to create your layout, which is why they offer an “Empty” template where you can start with a blank slate and design your story layout.

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