How To Develop An App Like Uber For Beauty Services

In the early time, a majority of women used to go parlor to get their work done. The time was hard for women to get scheduled by beauticians at sky-high prices. Unsatisfied results even at higher prices had gripped women desire to opt for beauty services.

It was earlier statistics. Now, the figure seems different. Now, customers can easily contact and choose the best certified and experienced professionals to meet their exact requirements or needs through on-demand apps. Customers only need an on-demand beauty service app to get their work done.

Personalized solutions are an integral part of on-demand services. These solutions only can cater to the exact needs or requirements of customers. It is inevitable that only an advanced app can meet expectation same like Uber for beauty services. These apps will help customers to contact the best beauticians within a few taps.

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Services That Have To Be Added In The On-Demand Beauty Services App

Geo-tracking Option

This option is essential and its use or application can be seen in different types of on-demand apps. It will help in tracking service providers’ location at any instant. The online GPS system will help fetch the online availability of customers.

Flexible Choice

On-demand apps are not only known for their instant solutions. Further, they are known for their flexibility and customizable solutions. This option will help customers to fix and cancel bookings as per their present requirements.

On-demand solutions are providing the best solutions to customers at their doorsteps as a king feels in his reign. There are ample benefits to a ‘scheduling’ option. Users can easily meet and get services as per their time availability.

Advanced Interface

The apps will comprise every essential from the very beginning. Users or customers can easily explore and access options like login, sign up, bookings, payments, feedback, service history, etc.

Review Option

The review option is important from customers, service providers, and business owners’ standpoint. A review will insight into the past services of service providers that will not only help other customers but also other business owners to take action in case of any discrepancy.

Profile Creation

Customers can sign up and create a full profile of theirs. Therefore, customers can easily get updates, choose services and work accordingly. This can also be used as future reference. The above-given services are basic requisites that business owners need to add in their apps. Now, we are going to discuss detailed features that have to be added in apps.

Advanced App Features

Availability Toggle

Beauticians can show their availability online using this option. Thus, they can choose customers as per their availability in free hours.

Beautician Profile Info

This option will help customers to evaluate and choose beauticians as per their needs or requirements. For example, they can evaluate the nearest beauticians, their years of experiences, fees, certifications, and other essential.

Booking Option

This option will help customers to find and meet the nearest beautician. Customers can select the desired professional as per their convenience. For example, they can choose instant booking, scheduling, and other options.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will help in giving real-time updates and offers. For example, they can get more info related to discounts, offers, beauticians, etc.

Integrated Payment System

What is an integrated payment system? Some customers prefer to use Google Pay while some opt for cash-on-delivery option. The availability of such options will help users to choose their preferred option while purchasing any service. Debit cards, credit cards, and different payment modes must be integrated together so that customers can easily access.

Geolocation Accessibility

Geolocation accessibility helps in multiple ways. It not only helps in tracking any location but also helps in sharing the location faster. You may have seen the live sharing option in on-demand apps. This option enables to forecast the present location so that service providers can easily get accessed to customers.

Specific Search Option

Personalized solutions can better be provided through a specific search option. Whether it is on-demand food delivery apps or beauty services, customers can filter their requirements accordingly. For example, a customer can choose intense make-up beauty for her wedding while another can look for daily requirements.

Bill Calculator

The cost estimation option will let users or customers get updates related to different options like beautician fees, time to be taken, etc.

Upgraded Analytics

“Advanced analytics” is an essential part of a dashboard. This option will let owners know in-depth details about the business plans. They will know about pending requests, commission details, requests, etc. Further, it will show insight into dominant or profitable areas.

Request Control

This option will let to refine and accept offers of customers; as, beauticians can choose customers, depending on their availability.

Intuitive User Interface

The user panel should be organized and easy to use. It should be understandable to business owners, service providers, and users. An advanced interface can help users as well as service providers to easily meet their needs or requirements.

Customer Support

Customer support assistance will help users to get their queries solved. For example, customers can directly ask questions in case of any query or in doubts. This is one of the most important features of apps. The above-given features are basic as well as compulsory to formulate an advanced on-demand app.  Now, it’s your time to apply such features into the app.

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