How To Spy On An Android Phone (100% Undetectable)

As we all know that Android is a very popular and most significant operating system around the World. There are over 2.5 billion active Android devices that make Android the most considerable OS users wise. Android devices are getting used in offices, banks, and almost everywhere. Monitoring these Android devices is required in many ways, like checking your employee’s activities, checking your children’s actions as a parent, and for many other purposes.

The main question that arises is that how we can monitor any Android device without having physical access to that device. There are many phone spying companies in the market, offering users to control any android devices using their services. We’ll take a look at this article to get the best hidden spy app for Android that can help you in spying an Android device without getting detected.

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Spyic is an advanced and professional phone spying service that allows users to monitor any device they want to spy. Users can use this service to monitor their employees, children, and any other individual from their device. Spyic spying solution is the trust of millions. This spying solution is totally safe and professional that provides users a platform to spy on Android phones without getting detected.

Using this phone spying service doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or prior experience because this software has a smooth and straightforward user interface. Every feature is visible and easy to use without any issues.

This mobile spying service is providing a lot of spying features that help users to monitor every activity of that phone device. Let’s find out what are the main spying features of Spyic. We can say that Spyic provides seamless and hassle-free phone spying services without any kind of restrictions or limits.

Call Tracker

Spying features for tracking all types of phone calls provided as well.

  • Using this service, you can view all of the incoming and outgoing calls of that particular target device.
  • Check out call duration and number of calls dialed and received.
  • Full call monitoring support.
  • List of most used contacts.

SMS Tracker

The tracking of phone text messages is supported.

  • Read every sent and received messages.
  • View deleted messages as well.
  • Support for viewing MMS files.
  • Check details of contacts that are sending or receiving messages.

GPS Location Tracker

GPS location tracking feature to detect precise locations.

  • View all new and old locations, whether they are GPS-based and WiFi-based.
  • Support for tracking movements with timestamps.
  • View every address and location coordinates.

Besides these trackers, there are also other spying features for third party social media apps like spying for WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, and other social media networks. Support for viewing browser history is provided as well to let users keep updated with the online activity of that target device as well. Now let’s figure out how we can monitor an Android device using Spyic phone spying service.

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How To Spy An Android Phone Using Spyic

Spying any Android device using Spyic phone spying services is not that much difficult or complicated. Spyic aims to provide safe and genuine phone spying services without any false claims.
The following steps would show us how to use Spyic phone spying services to spy on an Android phone.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Spyic and click on the Signup button to create an account.

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Step 2

Enter your email address and any password to proceed further. Select the Android device option because you want to spy an Android phone.

Step 3

Download and Install Spyic application on an Android device you want to spy. After installing an app, the app icon would vanish from all app icons to hide from the device owner.

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Step 4

After setting up an app on that device, you can spy that device from your Spyic dashboard by using it on any web browser.

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These five simple steps show how we can spy an Android phone using Spyic phone spying services. Remember that you don’t have to root that Android device you want to monitor because Spyic believes in the reliability and safety of any target device.


Cocospy is one of the professional and innovative phone spying services in the market. But there are also many types of other phone spying companies working as well that can assist you in spying any of the Android devices of your employee or any individual.

Some of those spying services are SpyHuman, Mobile-Spy, SpappMonitoring, Fonespy, and many others. So, it is up to you which phone spying service you go with to monitor target devices. Using these spying services, you can easily spy on any Android phone device without rooting that device.

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