XNSPY – A Handy Tool For Monitoring Everything

The realm of monitoring has been aggrandized with the advent of smartphones — it’s both appeasing and appalling in its rare manifestation. Some might want to catch a cheating spouse; others may just use it for a genuine and legal reason. That’s right people — monitoring your employees or kids is not illegal in the U.S. within certain limits, and XNSPY makes sure that people can monitor what they care about while abiding by the law. Before the culture of BYOD (Bring your own device), computers were still monitored, especially the emails. But now, this new convenience to employees of bringing their own devices at work creates an atmosphere of fear amongst managers.

There is so much that can go wrong with unmonitored devices at work. A company’s high-profile data can leak to some rival within seconds. Take photos and WhatsApp them and they are gone forever into the hands of others. Employees can simply pretend fake work while resting their phones within their hands, without anyone even knowing a bit about it (unless there are some stringent appraisal techniques used). The BYOD culture also poses a threat on the sanctity of a workplace. With anyone carrying their own smartphone, it’s very easy for office harassers to do their job without even confronting that person, in a very discrete manner.

At home, kids can turn into social addicts. Technology can make or break a kid’s future and there is no way kids are going to realize on their own about their socializing threshold levels. They would just scroll over Instagram and Facebook purposelessly. That’s not it. There are increasing cases of kids getting victimized and harassed over social media networks. Pedophiles and sexual harassers can run into your kid anytime, just from where they are sitting. The risks are eminent and too many.

But there is no need to worry because XNSPY can sort out all that for you with its brilliant monitoring spectrum and many useful features, making it perfect for parental or employee monitoring. Released a year ago, XNSPY is one of those must-haves for your office and home. Let’s take a look at why you need to have a monitoring app like XNPSY.

XNSPY: It Is Easy And Reliable

Smartphone monitoring used to be an arduous task in the beginning. People would have to jailbreak their target devices and install the app onto it. Well the mechanism still holds its place in the contemporary monitoring world, No Jailbreak apps are also coming to the front due to their minimalist and easy procedure. XNSPY provides you both; a jailbreak version with tons of features and a No Jailbreak edition that can monitor subtly using iCloud of the monitored person.

With its numerous options and package plans, XNSPY is not just an easy app to use but is also very reliable. It can take on multiple devices simultaneously without even showing the slightest lag. If you are looking out to monitor someone, this is the app that you should go for!

Smart Alerts

The instant notification system provides an immediate check on any anomaly. There is a Watchlist for all the words, contacts and locations that need some special attention so that you never miss out on anything important.

Location Tracking

Keep tracks of your employees all the time, within and outside the workplace. Make sure your delivery guys are never straying for a glass of wine during work, or, you can track your kids when they leave the house to keep a check on their whereabouts without intruding them. XNSPY provides real-time location tracking with geo-fencing so that your monitored persons never enter an unauthorized place. Once a monitored person visits a place, it’s added to that particular person’s “Location history”.

Monthly Actuarial Reports

Get to know how much data is sent or received by each of your monitored people. At work, you can know how much time your employees apportion for work and how much of it is gone down the dumpster over Minecraft.

Hefty Features

With this app XNSPY, you can dig anything out of the target smartphone; from contacts, emails and multimedia to all other types of phone logs like:

Call logs and SMS.

Calendar entries.

Instant messenger activity from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage.

XNSPY Dashboard And Remote Control

Do you want to monitor your employees or kids on the go, then look nowhere else, because XNSPY has its XNSPY Dashboard app that will help you monitor from anywhere, anytime. Unlike other apps, who work solely on the web page based control panel, XNSPY provides you the convenience of both.

The Remote control feature of the app gives you control with the locking and unlocking of the monitored device. With this, you can make sure your kids sleep tight at night.

XNSPY at work can boost the productivity of employees; at home it can do the same with your kids. It’s definitely an appendage for this time and age.

XNSPY Office Home Monitoring

XNSPY Office Home Monitoring

XNSPY Office Home Monitoring