InkHunter App Allows Tattoo Trials Before Permanently Inking Them

Thinking about getting a tattoo but find yourself worried that it won’t look good? There are actually a lot of people feeling the same anxiety towards inking something permanent onto their skin. Before today, there was no way to try out tattoos in real time unless they were drawn directly on your skin. You could, of course, use Photoshop to add them to your skin. However, the result was mostly anything but realistic. The InkHunter app is a revolutionary app that allows tattoo trials before you decide on a permanent design.

What’s great about the app is not only that you can try out your tattoos before getting them, but that you can upload your own designs. This will allow you to draw whatever you want and then, seamlessly, try them wherever you want on your body.

If you are good at drawing, this should be the perfect app for you. You can even try your designs on other people as the app uses augmented reality to project the tattoos onto your skin.

The process is rather simple, and once you have your design, you just mark down on your body where you want the tattoo. Once this is done you use the camera on your smartphone to project the tattoo. You can even play around with the angle and size of the tattoo. When you are satisfied with your placement you just snap a screenshot, and you can take the photo with you to the tattoo studio to get it permanently inked on your body. How cool is that!

Have a look at the video below showcasing the InkHunter app. Tattoo trials are going to be huge! Not only because they are an excellent way to decide what tattoo to get, but because it’s also a way for you to tell if a tattoo would even look good on a particular place on your body. No more mistakes and you can redo the process over and over again until you are completely satisfied. It’s brilliant!

The app is free to download, and you can do so over at iTunes. If you have used it before, please let us know in the comment section below what you think. If you want, share your tattoo designs as well. Great designs are always fun to check out!

InkHunter – Tattoo Trials App

InkHunter Tattoo Trials App

InkHunter Tattoo Trials App

InkHunter Tattoo Trials App