What Does It Take To Make A Viral Mobile App?

For most mobile app developers, the goal is to make your game go viral. Over the last decade, we’ve read reports about games like Flappy Bird becoming the latest mobile sensation. The game was so popular that its lone developer became sick of the attention and chose to remove it from app stores, making it unavailable. Despite the scarcity, interest in the game remained high and people were even renting out smartphones with Flappy Bird installed just so that they could play it.

It’s difficult to say exactly whether a game could go viral (Flappy Bird came out of nowhere). However, there are several common factors that can help your app go mega-popular.

A Silky Smooth Experience

When making your app, be sure to test it well before releasing it to the masses because a silky smooth experience can help it go viral. If your app is full of technical issues, then no one will recommend it. Would you tell your friends to use software that crashes regularly or refuses to load?

The performance of your app will also foster positive reviews. Something that many people do before downloading an app is to read the reviews first. Many people also turn to app review websites to see if a game has been recommended and it’s why games like Alto’s Odyssey and Clash of Clans have found success. The better your app runs, the more likely it is that you’ll get positive reviews and downloads.

Offers Worth Sharing

Another factor in the virality of your mobile game or app is to give people something worth sharing. That may be the functionality, features, or gameplay of your app itself, or, it may be that you’ve included offers that are worth sharing. If someone sees a bonus that catches their eye, there’s a good chance that they’ll share it so that their friends can enjoy it too.

The offers and freebies will differ based on your niche or game genre but here you can see how the casino industry, which regularly uses deals to appeal to players, regularly uses bonuses. 888 Casino’s welcome package includes free spins with no deposit required, low wagering requirements, and different welcome bonuses to choose from including five deposit bonuses. Not only would someone want to share these offers, but it makes the games easy to get into.

Appeal by Being Accessible

You should also consider the accessibility of your app. In emerging markets such as India affordable handsets are giving more people access to mobile apps, explains this report. However, these mobile phones often have weaker specs and not everything will run well on them, if at all.

By making your app accessible, you won’t close yourself off from key markets. There are billions of people who live in these emerging markets (combined) but they may not be able to use your app because it requires a lot of mobile data, is a huge file size or just isn’t compatible.

There is no secret when it comes to making a viral app. However, by doing the above you can better set your software up for success.

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